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As a national non-profit, we mobilize transportation networks to deliver surplus food to communities in need. Explore our network’s achievements and see how our programs allow everyone to create real, local change.

2023 Impact

9,929,944 LBS.

of food we helped transport

8,274,953 Meals

provided to those in need

5,301,388 LBS.

of fresh food we helped store and transport to food banks nationwide

4,503 Metric Tons

of CO2 removed from the atmosphere from rescued food


fresh food rescues


of food banks & pantries served


I am delighted to announce that 2023 was the most impactful year for Move For Hunger yet! We saw an overwhelming increase in donations, reaching an unprecedented 9.9 million pounds of food provided to food insecure communities across the U.S. and Canada.

Our dedicated team and network, through their relentless efforts, made the seemingly impossible, possible. They were instrumental in providing this substantial amount of food to food banks. In short, they made a tough job look easy.

The problem of food waste and insecurity is complex, but the figures speak for themselves. In a world where 38% of farmable land grows food that will never reach a plate, and where 1 in 5 children in the United States go to bed hungry, it's clear that we need to utilize our resources more effectively.

While the reality is stark, we are not disheartened. Instead, we are inspired to work harder and make even greater strides in the years to come. The past year has been about reconnection, forward-thinking, and setting the groundwork for our future initiatives.

With a renewed focus on delivering fresh food to communities that need it the most, we are optimistic about the future. In 2023, we nearly tripled the amount of fresh food recovered, a number we aim to grow significantly in 2024. Additionally, Move For Hunger is turning 15 this year, and we have some great things in store!

We are also looking forward to engaging more people in our mission. We encourage you to stay connected, share our posts, organize events, make donations, participate in activities, and share your ideas. Your support fuels our mission, and together, we can make a difference.

Here's to another year of serving those in need and making every pound count. Thank you for your continued support and commitment to Move For Hunger.

How Hunger and Poverty Affects Americans

In the United States, more than 44 million people, including 13 million children, are considered food insecure. But what exactly is food insecurity?

Food insecurity is defined as “a lack of consistent access to enough food for an active, healthy life.” Food insecurity means not having reliable access to sufficient food for a healthy life. It's linked to, but not exclusive to, poverty, affecting diverse groups, including minorities, women, children, veterans, seniors, and the LGBTQ+ community.

Living in poverty can severely impact the quality of life for those living through it. If a family is struggling to make ends meet and there isn’t access to food, medicine, and other necessities during pregnancy, a fetus doesn’t thrive and could be born at low birth weight. Learn more about how poverty affects Americans here.


  • U.S. Food Insecurity Soars, Leaving 44 Million Americans Without Access to Food

    The number of individuals grappling with food insecurity in the United States has surged from 34 million in 2021 to a staggering 44 million in 2022, according to the latest update from the United States Department of Agriculture (USDA). 

    Read More

  • Hunger is a Racial Equity Issue

    Throughout history, people of color in the United States have experienced discrimination and maltreatment when it comes to education, employment, housing, healthcare, and mass incarceration, among others.

    Read More

  • Breaking Bread and Barriers: The Latinx Community's Struggle with Food Insecurity

    There are more than 62 million Latinos in the United States, making up about 19% of the entire population. Higher rates of food insecurity in the Latinx community are a direct effect of racial discrimination, and on average, the median income of Latino households is $20,000 less than the median income of white households. 

    Read More

  • High Food Insecurity Rates are Hiding in Asian Communities

    Despite high food insecurity rates among AAPI ethnic groups, from 18.5% of Laotion Americans experiencing hunger to as high as 38% of Hmong Americans living in poverty, participation rates in federal nutrition programs are considerably low.

    Read More

  • The Environmental Impact of Food Waste

    The food cycle doesn’t just end at our trash can. Food waste that ends up in landfills and rots produces a large amount of methane – a more powerful greenhouse gas than even CO2. The food wasted in landfills is responsible for roughly 8% of global emissions.
    Read More



Move For Hunger's Bulk Recovery program aims to ‘squash’ hunger and reduce food waste by leveraging transportation partners to deliver surplus fresh food from farms and other sources to communities in need. Launched in 2021, the program has developed innovative transportation and cold storage solutions to assist unique partners across the country. By ‘sprouting’ partnerships with organizations like gleaning groups, farmer's markets, and marathons, the program rescues bulk surplus food and organizes its transportation.

If you’re looking to donate food in bulk or need assistance picking up bulk products, please connect with us!

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Program IMPACT


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Move For Hunger has been an incredible partner in serving food insecure people across the country! Together we have shared 389,975 lbs. of fresh, beautiful produce that would otherwise have gone to waste with our food insecure neighbors so far this year.

None of this would have been possible without Move for Hunger's dedication to help feed hungry people. We are grateful for this partnership and the difference it is making in the lives of people around us! Thank you!

- Michael Binger,
Society of St Andrew

Highlights from 2023

  • Our Bulk Recovery Program Makes Huge Impact in 2023

    In the summer of 2021, Move For Hunger initiated its Fresh Food Program, which has now become an integral component of our operations. Utilizing our expanding network of over 1,200+ transportation partners and implementing innovative cold storage solutions, we successfully enhanced the flow of fresh food from farms and various sources to underserved communities. 

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  • Harvesting Hope: Move For Hunger Provides 530,000 lbs. of Fresh Food Donations This Fall

    From working with local agencies in Providence, Rhode Island to provide cold storage for freshly caught fish to working hand-in-hand with organizations like Society of St. Andrew to collect the food in the field and organize the transportation, the Move For Hunger network has been working hard to ensure no produce was left behind.

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  • Move For Hunger Transports Over 400,000 Lbs. of Pepsi & Quaker Oats Products to One Generation Away in Southeast States

    For over a month, Move For Hunger teamed up with One Generation Away, a fellow food rescue and distribution non-profit, to get surplus food from a Pepsi/Quaker Oats warehouse in Georgia to those facing hunger in Southeast states. 

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  • Move For Hunger and Society of St. Andrew Partner Together to Provide 830,000 lbs. of Potatoes for Communities in Need

    Through our partnership, SoSA has conducted potato drops across the east coast, providing fresh produce for food insecure individuals across several communities. 

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  • The Power of Unity: How Collaborations Are Strengthening the Fight Against Hunger

    In 2023, Move For Hunger, Brighter Bites, the Capital Area Food Bank, and Star Moving Solutions partnered together to provide more than 65,000 lbs. of fresh produce to the students of 12 local schools that participate in the Brighter Bites Produce Distribution Program, providing nearly 55,000 meals.
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  • Teamwork makes the Dream Work: Second Helpings - Atlanta and Move For Hunger Team Up to Potentially Feed Close to 1 Million People Annually

    Second Helpings - Atlanta, a nonprofit food rescue organization, has teamed up with Move For Hunger and local moving companies to recover fresh produce for communities in need. What started as a one-off call for transportation help has led to weekly recoveries of excess healthy produce. 
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Throughout 2023, our Multifamily Program’s impact has soared, making it the most impactful year for our program. Our multifamily network and their residents have continued to step up to fight hunger, with our network growing to include more than 600,000 units. If you’re interested in getting your property involved and joining the fight against hunger, click the button below!

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Program IMPACT


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Pier 70

2,220 Meals


Beacon Pointe Apartments and Townhomes

1,250 Meals


Fox Run Apartments & Townhomes

1,069 Meals


Equity Residential

12,676 Meals


MC Companies

10,810 Meals


Bell Partners

8,717 Meals


Chicagoland Apartment Association

5,184 Meals


Maryland Multi-Family Housing Association

3,510 Meals


Washington Multi Family Housing Association

3,225 Meals


Community of the Year

Based in Arlington, Virginia, the Meridian at Ballston Commons, a Paradigm Management property,  joined the Move For Hunger network in 2020. The over 1000 lbs. of donations that they collected this past year brings their total collected donations since joining the network to more than 2,550 lbs., equaling over 2000 meals provided to locals in need!

View Community of the Month Winners

Highlights from 2023


    The Move For Hunger Network Provides Over 13,000 Meals From Spread the Love Food Drives

    With nearly 60 Spread the Love Food Drives and Fundraisers hosted by our network, over 13,100 meals were donated to food banks and pantries across the country. Here are a few food drives that went above and beyond!

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  • Sustainable Living Hacks for Renters

    Renters often have less control over their living environment than homeowners, meaning that 34% of the US population may be limited by the policies of their landlords. However, there are still many things that renters can do to live more sustainably.

    Read More


    Nearly 30 MC Companies Properties continue their fight against hunger throughout the holidays, donating over 9,000 meals

    In Decemeber 2023, 27 MC Companies properties across the nation hosted a Seasons of Giving Food Drive for their residents, collecting almost 11,000 lbs. of donations, equalling over 9,000 meals, for those in need.

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    Multifamily Housing sits on the front lines on the battle of Affordable Housing
    The United States is facing a crisis that affects millions: the lack of affordable housing. This issue has far-reaching consequences especially for low-income households, including the inability to access basic necessities such as nutritious food, healthcare, and education. 

    Read More

  • CORT's Thanksgiving Food Drive Fills Plates and Hearts Across the Nation

    One of our incredible partners, CORT, has once again demonstrated their unwavering commitment to making a difference in their communities through their Thanksgiving Food Drive. This year's results have left us in awe, showcasing the power of collective action and the impact that can be achieved when individuals and organizations come together for a common cause.

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In 2023, our Transportation Program made a ‘trucking’ big impact on food insecure communities across the country. To date, 1,233 moving companies have joined the fight against hunger. Their commitment and dedication allows us to continue providing meals for those in need while reducing food waste. If you’re interested in getting your company involved, click the button below!

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Just-In Time Moving & Storage

1,389,164 Meals


Nelson Westerberg of Georgia

326,814 Meals


Apex Moving + Storage

306,500 Meals

Van Lines

Atlas Van Lines

1,067,485 Meals


National Van Lines

248,285 Meals


Allied Van Lines

152,020 Meals


North Carolina

2,013,620 Meals



1,740,115 Meals



1,680,716 Meals


Mover of the Year

Since joining the Move For Hunger network in 2012, Nelson Westerberg has continuously shown their dedication to the cause. Their impact has been nothing short of remarkable, transporting more than 1 million pounds of food, providing over 830,000 meals distributed from their various locations nationwide.

View Mover of the Month Winners

Highlights from 2023

  • Dumbo Moving & Storage Provides 27,500 Meals to Hungry Communities in New York City

    Thanks to the hard work of our network and partners, 2023 was Move For Hunger’s most impactful year yet! Throughout 2023, we transported and delivered 9,929,944 lbs of donations, equaling 8,274, 953 meals, to food banks and pantries across the country!

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  • Dishing Out Kindness with over 86,000 meals donated in the 3rd Annual Great North American Food Drive

    The 3rd annual Great NorthAmerican Food Drive has concluded with resounding success, showcasing the remarkable dedication of 27 participating northAmerican Van Line agents who collected over 91,000 lbs. of food and raised more than $4,000 to combat hunger. 

    Read More

  • Move For Hunger’s Network Steps up to Deliver over 195,000 Meals to Food Banks Across the Nation During the NALC Stamp Out Hunger Drive

    The Annual National Association of Letter Carriers (NALC) Stamp Out Hunger Food Drive provides essential nourishment to those in need. This year, Move For Hunger joined the fight for the eighth year and transported nearly 235,000 lbs. of food donations, providing over 195,000 meals to those in need across the country. 

    Read More

  • Hawaiian mover acts quickly to provide emergency relief support for Maui residents

    In times of unprecedented need, M. Dyer Global, a Hawaiian moving company, quickly provided emergency relief to Maui residents affected by devastating wildfires in August 2023. The company mobilized its resources and partnered with King's Cathedral and Chapels to distribute over 200,000 lbs. of essential supplies, including food and first-aid equipment, to the community.

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  • Dumbo Moving & Storage Provides 27,500 Meals to Hungry Communities in New York City

    Throughout the first two months of 2023, Dumbo Moving & Storage has completed 3 different pickups from multiple Trader Joe’s locations to collect produce and grocery items. So far, they’ve collected and transported 33,000 lbs. of donations, providing 27,500 meals to food insecure communities in Brooklyn, NY.

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Last year, 25 companies teamed up with Move For Hunger to facilitate fun, engaging, and impactful team building events. From truck pulls to meal packing and Arcantectures to virtual step challenges, Move For Hunger makes it easy and fun to give back.

Last year’s events helped us provide more than 1.8 million meals to families in need. Looking to add impact to your next meeting or conference, give us a call!

Learn More

We Broke A Guinness World Record!

Move For Hunger made waves in Detroit on October 12th by toppling 12,900 cereal boxes at the Henry Ford Health System Detroit Pistons Performance Center, thanks to sponsors Kellogg's, Kroger, Lineage Foundation For Good, Hellman's, Detroit Pistons, University Moving & Storage, & United Dairy Industry of Michigan. The event, which raised awareness about food insecurity, resulted in over 350,000 meals donated to local Michigan food banks.

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Highlights from 2023

  • Race Round Up Reaches half-way marker, here’s the progress so far.

    The 2023 year has reached its half way point. Have you been working towards your new year solutions? Team Move For Hunger has been working on theirs and has already provided 160,000 meals! 

    Read More

  • More than 840 Participants in the Move 2 Fight Hunger Challenge Blew Past Our Goal

    Throughout June, Move For Hunger partnered with Weichert Workforce Mobility to host the 3rd annual Move 2 Fight Hunger Challenge! The challenge had over 840 participants who stayed active throughout the month, helping communities in need by providing more than 178,000 meals!
    Read More

  • Truckin' Towards Change: Mazza Recycling's 2nd Annual Truck Pull to Knock Out Hunger

    Mazza Recycling and Move For Hunger joined forces to throw the ultimate truck-tugging extravaganza on August 5, 2023. This annual event was all about flexing those muscles for a good cause – tackling hunger's heavy impact in New Jersey communities.
    Read More

  • Falling into Action with Epic Events and Inspiring Impact

    September and early October have been months filled with incredible events and inspiring partnerships at Move For Hunger. We've witnessed tremendous support from our sponsors, volunteers, and participants, all working together to make a real impact in the fight against hunger.
    Read More

  • Unleashing the Holiday Spirit: Altair Hosts 4th Annual Grinch Food Drive

    The spirit of giving was in the air, and not even the Grinch could steal it! Altair Global, in partnership with the Renegades Soccer Club teams and Move For Hunger, hosted its 4th Annual Grinch Food Drive and Fundraiser. 

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  • Assurant's Initiative Turns Miles Into 380,000 Meals for Communities in Need

    Assurant, Inc. recently celebrated the resounding success of its fourth annual "Miles to Meals" challenge in partnership with Move For Hunger. The "Miles to Meals" challenge has grown from a humble beginning of about 160 Assurant employees to a global movement that unites 2,500 participants from around the world.
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2023 was a year of exciting new experiences for Team Move For Hunger! Our race team hit the ground running, participating in marathons like Napa to Sonoma, Big Sur, Grandma’s, Flying Pig, and our first international marathon, the Berlin Marathon! This year, through the dedication of our participants, we were able to provide over 275,000 meals.

Join The Team!

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I am grateful to have had the opportunity to work with Team Move For Hunger and see our humanity through the support I received to make sure meals are raised for those in need.

- Jamie Calero,
Team Move For Hunger

Races Run in 2023

Big Sur Highlight

Big Sur is one of the most beautiful races in the country and also one of the toughest to get into. As one of our race team members, you'll receive a guaranteed race entry along with other benefits while you raise funds to fight hunger.

Grab Your Spot



Our partners are made up of socially responsible companies and organizations that provide Move For Hunger with the support we need to grow our network and scale our operations. By collaboratively working together to host food drives, employee engagement initiatives, and cause marketing campaigns, our partners help raise awareness about our mission and encourage others to join in the fight against hunger and food waste. Their support keeps us MOVING!

Become A Partner Today

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Partner Spotlights

  • 1 Million Lbs. and Counting: Nelson Westerberg's Hunger-Fighting Journey

    Since joining the Move For Hunger network in 2012, Nelson Westerberg has continuously shown their dedication to the cause. Their impact has been nothing short of remarkable, as the 1 million lbs. of food is the equivalent to over 830,000 meals distributed from their various locations nationwide.

    Read More

  • Gentle Giant and Move For Hunger Renew Partnership for 8th Year As They Cross the 1 Millionth Pound Milestone

    Over the years, we have partnered with over 1,200+ transportation partners that share our vision and goals. Gentle Giant Moving Company has been one of our most impactful by consistently demonstrating their dedication to serving communities in need.

    Read More

  • Altair Global Renews Commitment to Hunger Relief, Donating Nearly 6 Million Pounds of Food

    Altair Global became a Move For Hunger partner in 2016, but has been actively participating with Move For Hunger since 2012. Since joining the Move For Hunger network, together with their suppliers, they have collected and delivered more than 5.7 million lbs. of food across the U.S. and Canada. 

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Partner of the year

CORT, the leader in home and office furniture rental, joined the Move For Hunger network in 2017. Since joining the network, CORT has helped transport over 363,000 pounds of donations, providing nearly 303,000 meals to food insecure communities across the United States from Florida to Washington!

Since then, they’ve become one of our most valued partners by transporting food donations from most of the 2,700 apartment communities that are part of Move For Hunger’s vast multifamily network. Learn more about our partnership here.



Our partners are made up of socially responsible companies and organizations that provide Move For Hunger with the support we need to grow our network and scale our operations. By collaboratively working together to host food drives, employee engagement initiatives, and cause marketing campaigns, our partners help raise awareness about our mission and encourage others to join in the fight against hunger and food waste. Their support keeps us MOVING!

Association Logos-min.png

Apartment & Office Building Association of Metropolitan WA

Apartment Association of Greater Orlando

Arizona MultiFamily Housing Association

Atlanta Apartment Association

Arkansas Apartment Association

Bay Area Apartment Association

California Apartment Association

Chicagoland Apartment Association

Connecticut Apartment Association

Corporate Housing Providers Association

Delaware Apartment Association

East Bay Rental Housing Association

Florida Apartment Association

Georgia Apartment Association

Greater Cincinnati Northern Kentucky Apartment Association

Houston Independent Real Estate Brokers Association

Maryland Multi-Housing Association

Massachusetts Apartment Association (RHA- Boston)

Pennsylvania Apartment Association

Permian Basin Apartment Association

Rental Housing Association - Serving Southern Alameda County

Southeast Florida Association

Southern California Rental Housing Association

Tri-County Apartment Association

Washington Multi Family Housing Association

How To Get Involved

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Become a Partner

Our partners are socially responsible companies that provide us with the support we need to grow our network and scale our operations. We work collaboratively to organize food drives, develop campaigns, create employee engagement programs, and inspire others to join the fight.

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Ways to Give

However you’re able to give, you can be confident that your gift will support our hunger relief and food recovery programs that provide meals to communities who are struggling to put food on the table.

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Corporate Social Responsibility

Let our team provide a world-class experience to plan your next in-person, virtual, or hybrid philanthropic event. The best part - every one of our personalized events helps fight food insecurity in your local community.

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Board + Staff

Our team is a dynamic force, united by a steadfast commitment to our mission. We blend the joy of innovation with the seriousness of our purpose, ensuring our workspace buzzes with fun while maintaining an unwavering focus on making a meaningful difference for those we serve.

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Interns + volunteers

Move For Hunger offers a variety of internships to college students, recent grads, and people looking to transition their career into the nonprofit sector. It’s the perfect opportunity to get hands-on experience and get a look under the hood with a successful nonprofit organization.

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Because of the generous support from these foundations and charitable organizations, Move For Hunger is able to continue to provide meals for those in need across North America through our hunger relief and food waste reduction programs.​​​​​​

Sodexo Stop Hunger Foundation Logo
HMS Host Logo
The Rachael Ray Foundation
Provident Bank Foundation
The Lineage Foundation for Good
The Kroger Foundation
Leo and Peggy Pierce Foundation
Campbell Family Foundation
TZP Cares Foundation
The Tepper Foundation


With the support of our incredible donors throughout the year, we’ve been able to mobilize our network of socially responsible moving companies to deliver millions of pounds of food to local food banks. Please consider making a contribution today and join us in creating a world where no one goes to bed hungry.

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Sustaining Donor Network

Members of our Sustaining Donor Network have made a commitment to provide monthly meals to those in need with their recurring donations. You can join our exclusive club by committing to support Move For Hunger through your monthly donation. No amount is too small. Your monthly donation will help provide meals throughout the year to those in need. 
Become a Sustaining Donor!


Our 2023 sustainaing donors

Adam Coday
Alberto Artigas
Alexandra Jackiw
Aurelia Schreiner
Bence Balint
Benjamin Daniels
Charles Morris
Charlotte Local Moving
Chin Huang
Cindy Clare
Daniel White
David Burkholder
Deborah Jaile
Douglas Smith
Elisabeth Johnson
Erin Almand
Gary Mann
Hannah Lane
Ingrid Patnoi
Ivannoska Gurgel
Jaeho Lee
Janet Hubbard
Jason Mills
Jean Tortoriello
Jenna Centofante
Karen Dickens
Kathryn Mueller
Kini Lindbloom
Kristen Macklin
Lakshmi Sunita Allu
Lisa Beranich
Luis Cardenas
Maria Cates

MaryKate Lenehan
Michael Holcomb
Michele Marie Hall
Michelle Alber
Missy Mace
Pam Stanley
Patricia Gabal
Paul Verdicchio of Halo Realty
Phuong Tra
Priya Lakshmipathy
Richard Schwartz
Rita Brand
Rob Baricelli
The Ryan Family
Sarah Klein
Saroj Bagai
Scott Hunt
Sophia Syed
Stacey Klee
Stephen David Hocken
Steve & Nancy Caverelli
Susan Stanhope
Susan Stover
Tanya Schmitt
Tim Rogers
Yren Berry
Yvonne Blaszka


Your generous donations make a significant impact in the battle against hunger and food waste. For as little as a cup of coffee, you can provide 15 meals to those in need.


provides 75 meals to those in need.


provides 300 meals to those in need.


provides 750 meals to those in need.