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The Power of Unity: How Collaborations Are Strengthening the Fight Against Hunger

December 8, 2023

In one year, the United States saw more than a 30% increase of food insecure individuals, with nearly a 45% increase in child food insecurity. This is the highest rate and number of food insecure children since 2014. 

Seeing this surge in food insecurity, coupled with the constantly rising cost of living, Move For Hunger, Brighter Bites, the Capital Area Food Bank, and Star Moving Solutions have partnered together to combat childhood food insecurity in the Metro DC area, where 1 in 8 children face hunger.

This is a story of a partnership that not only alleviates immediate challenges but is also sowing the seeds of a brighter future, using the power of collective action in the fight against hunger.

This collaboration led to more than 65,000 lbs of fresh produce to the students of 12 local schools that participate in the Brighter Bites Produce Distribution Program, providing nearly 55,000 meals.

Teamwork Makes the Dreamwork

Each of the organizations in this collaboration are just a piece of the puzzle - from the Capital Area Food Bank providing the fresh produce, to Move For Hunger and Star Moving handling the transportation of the donations, to Brighter Bites, a national nonprofit that delivers fresh fruits and vegetables directly into families’ hands, initiating the program.

The schools that are on the receiving end of the Brighter Bites Produce Distribution Program, like Chillum Elementary School, find the partnership to be more than valuable, especially for the families of their students. The program eliminates many barriers food insecure families face, like language differences, transportation problems, and lack of information.

The biggest takeaway for me is knowing that our students are exposed to more than just the typical sugary and more unhealthy snacks.
Jamaica Hughes, Principal of Chillum Elementary

Partnerships like these are crucial because they allow for resources and expertise to be shared between the different organizations. Each one brings something unique to the table, whether it's Brighter Bites' focus on providing fresh produce, Move For Hunger's innovative model of utilizing our transportation network to move bulk loads of donations, or Capital Area Food Bank's extensive network of nonprofit partners.

Mover’s Finish Last (But Not Least)

As a national nonprofit, Move For Hunger mobilizes transportation networks to support communities on a large scale. Despite our national reach, we are committed to fostering connections at the local level. Star Moving Solutions is at the forefront of Move For Hunger’s collaboration with Brighter Bites, in their dedication to addressing food insecurity in the communities they serve. 

We love supporting these bigger projects and it’s so easy to work with Move For Hunger. Together, they help point us in the right direction and we use our resources to make a difference. We can make a big impact working together and it feels good at the end of the day to make a contribution to the community.
Andrew Donnelley, President of Star Moving

Star Moving Solutions' multifaceted approach to addressing hunger, from bulk recovery moves to community outreach, exemplifies the power of businesses to effect positive change. Their commitment to collaboration, innovation, and community support sets a commendable standard for corporate social responsibility, proving that even within the moving industry, meaningful contributions can be made to alleviate hunger and build stronger, more resilient communities. 

What’s Next?

We all have a role to play, whether it's volunteering our time, making a donation, or simply spreading awareness about the magnitude of this issue. Through sharing stories, we have seen the remarkable difference that these actions can make in people's lives. It's a testament to the power of collective action. 

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