bringing fresh produce to food banks & pantries across north America

Move For Hunger launched its fresh food program in the summer of 2021 and have since made it a core piece of our operation. We're leveraging our network of 1,200+ transportation partners to transport food from farms and other sources to communities in need.

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With Over 9.5 million lbs of perishable food... and growing, we're overcoming fresh food's challenges

Since 2021, we've been developing innovative transportation and cold storage solutions that assist unique partners across the country with the capture of more fresh food for the people who need it most.


Need for Unlimited Access Nationwide
Unlimited access to all manner of truck types enables us to capture full trailer loads from remote farms and haul longer distances for distribution to food deserts and areas of greatest need.


Vast Network of Transportation Partners
we have additional access to an enormous network of experienced transportation professionals who are available at a moment's notice.


Adjusting to Last Minute Needs
We incorporate processes and resources that allow us to act quickly when a need arises. 


Dealing with Tricky Logistics
Our experience and flexibility allows us to better assess and understand the unique challenges related to each opportunity and ensure a better plan with concise communication, mitigating delays or surprises during execution.  


Food Safety is Critical
Partnering with professionals in their fields, we are able to ensure food is delivered safely as well as efficiently. Refrigerated transports have become a normal part of our services.
Innovative Cold Storage Solutions

We are finding new ways to get fresh food to communities in need. From placing a cold storage unit at a farm in Kentucky, a mobile cold storage unit in Colorado, and a farmer's market in Rhode Island, we continue to find ways to keep veggies, meat, and fish fresh longer for our transportation partners to deliver to local food banks and pantries. 

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variety of unique & sustainable initiatives

Our team partners with organizations nationwide to find new and unique ways to rescue fresh food. 

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Teaming Up with the Gleaning Organizations

We work hand-in-hand with gleaning organizations like the Society of St. Andrew to collect the food in the field, and we organize the transportation. 

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From Farmer's Market to Food Bank

We've partnered with the Dale City Farmer's Market to rescue thousands of lbs of farm fresh produce in cooperation with Northern Virginia Food Rescue.

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Fresh Fish to Communities in New England

We're working with local agencies in Providence to provide cold storage for freshly caught fish to facilitate the distribution to local food pantries.

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23.5 million Americans live in a food desert with little access to fresh produce

With our network of transportation partners nationwide, we can bring more healthy perishable foods to communities in need.

We are very excited about the impact we are making and will continue to make, reducing food waste and fighting hunger in our communities. The amount of fresh healthy food available to rescue is staggering.

By creatively partnering with like-minded organizations, and applying transportation and cold storage solutions, we are successfully capturing viable healthy food and redirecting it to the people who really need it. There is enough food for everyone, we just need to apply a little ingenuity, resources, and teamwork to bring them together.

- Ruth Solomon,
Food Recovery Specialist


Move For Hunger works with more than 1,200+ transportation companies who provide free services to recover and transport food donations to food banks and pantries across the U.S. and Canada. 

  • Loads may range from 500 lbs (approx. 1 pallet) to a tractor-trailer load.
  • Refrigerated transports are available for 8,000 pounds or more
  • Pickups in as little as 48 hours
  • Larger loads transported up to 300 miles
  • Ask about our cold storage options


If this is an urgent/time-sensitive transportation request, please reach out to our teams directly at [email protected]

Form Submission - Processing


Is there a fee?

No! Our transportation services are 100% free to the donor and the food bank.

Can you transport gleaned product and other fresh fruits and vegetables?


Can you transport food/drinks that need to be refrigerated?

Yes, these will typically involve transports of 8,000 or more pounds.

Can you make regular pickups?

Yes! We would love to schedule regular pickups if you have weekly or monthly donations.

Is there a minimum amount of food required to schedule a pickup?

Yes, the minimum food donation is 500 pounds.

How far are you able to travel for a pickup/delivery?

Transportation should be less than 100 miles round trip. In some cases, we are able to accommodate longer trips, but generally, the shorter the distance, the more likely it is we can help.

Is there any food you won’t transport?

We’re working to fight food insecurity, so we only transport food that will ultimately be offered to clients for free. Food should be palletized and/or packaged and ready for pickup. We are not able to transport prepared food items, such as leftover hot meals from a restaurant or catered event.