The Move For Hunger Internship Program is open to students, recent graduates, and life-long learners. It is a perfect opportunity for anyone seeking an introduction to the practical components of the non-profit industry. Move For Hunger is committed to creating a program that will support our mission to reduce food waste and fight hunger while simultaneously providing interns with the experience they need to actualize their personal professional goals.

Why move for hunger?


You will gain experience with an award-winning, and growing, non-profit organization.


We value and empower our interns. No fetching coffee here – you are a part of our team.


This is work with a purpose. You can go home every day knowing that you helped someone.

Internship programs

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What They’re Saying

  • “The most beneficial part of my internship was amount of published writing content I had afterwards. Companies are always looking for writing samples, and the blog posts were perfect!"
    - Sarah Ciociola

  • "I am beyond grateful to have had the opportunity to intern for Move For Hunge! Hunger in America is a very serious issue, but Move For Hunger has created a very positive, supportive, and fun working environment. You feel good about coming to the office every day.”
    - Brian Smith

  • "My internship with Move for Hunger was a personal and professional achievement. Being surrounded by enthusiastic, goal-oriented, and positive people made every day fulfilling." 
    - Claudia Cacopardo

  • "My internship at Move For Hunger was a very positive experience, where I got to enhance my skills and learn new things outside of a classroom. Working alongside everyone, made my experience even better because of how welcoming and supportive they were from the minute I stepped into the building. I was able to use my skills for real life businesses and the team always encouraged me and gave me helpful feedback in order to make my work the best it could be.”
    - Lauren Marsiglia

  • “Move For Hunger was an incredible first internship experience. The entire staff was helpful and enthusiastic about the work we were doing which made each day a lot of fun! I learned more during my time at Move For Hunger than any other prior experience and am lucky to have had the chance to work with the staff learning valuable information that will help me later on in my career.”
    - Courtney Soden,