Move For Hunger works with more than 1,200 transportation companies who provide free services to recover and transport food donations to food banks and pantries across the U.S. and Canada. 

Form Submission - Processing
  • Transport must be at least 500 lbs (approx. 1 pallet) of donated food.
  • For non-perishable food, ideally, there's a 2-week notice. For perishable food, we only need a 24-hour notice. 
  • For non-perishable, it should be less than 100 miles round trip. For perishable food, it can be up to 300 miles


If this is an urgent/time-sensitive transportation request, please reach out to our team directly to [email protected]

How it works

Since 2009, our network has helped transport over 44 million lbs of food to local food banks and pantries nationwide. 


Network of Movers

We have over 1,200 moving companies that volunteer their time and resources.


No Cost to You

It may sound too good to be true, but that's how we work.


Transport Guidelines

If the food transport is over 500 lbs going less than 100 miles round trip, we can help. 


Our members, partners, and volunteers explain why they choose to support Move For Hunger.

  • One amazing high schooler, Joslyn, from Bel Air, MD, rallied her friends and launched a Front Porch Food Drive to fight hunger in their community. They distributed 900 Move For Hunger food collection bags and fliers to their friends and neighbors encouraging them to donate.

  • Element Moving & Storage held a socially distant food drive in a restaurant parking lot and collected 1,000 lbs. of food to support our COVID-19 relief efforts.


  • Nelson Westerberg of Illinois helps transport food often including two recent events that helped deliver 30,000 meals for the Chicago Mutual Aid Network. They also worked with Top Box Foods to transport food to a local distribution site in Chicago. 

About move for hunger

Last year, our network delivered over 9 million pounds of food while maintaining a perfect score on charity navigator.

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Is there a fee?

No! Our transportation services are 100% free to the donor and the food bank.

Can you transport gleaned product and other fresh fruits and vegetables?


Can you transport food/drinks that need to be refrigerated?

Sometimes! We have a limited number of partners with access to refrigerated trucks. While we cannot guarantee pickups of food that require refrigeration, we will do our best to accommodate requests when possible.

Can you make regular pickups?

Yes! We would love to schedule regular pickups if you have weekly or monthly donations.

Is there a minimum amount of food required to schedule a pickup?

Yes, the minimum food donation is 500 pounds.

How far are you able to travel for a pickup/delivery?

Transportation should be less than 100 miles round trip. In some cases, we are able to accommodate longer trips, but generally, the shorter the distance, the more likely it is we can help.

Is there any food you won’t transport?

We’re working to fight food insecurity, so we only transport food that will ultimately be offered to clients for free. Food should be palletized and/or packaged and ready for pickup. We are not able to transport prepared food items, such as leftover hot meals from a restaurant or catered event.