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Move For Hunger's 2023 Transportation Impact

February 11, 2024

Thanks to the hard work of our network and partners, 2023 was Move For Hunger’s most impactful year yet! Throughout 2023, we transported and delivered 9,929,944 lbs of donations, equaling 8,274, 953 meals, to food banks and pantries across the country!

We are extremely grateful for all of the partners and movers who have joined Move For Hunger in the fight against food insecurity and food waste, but here are a few that stood out this past year!

Mover of the Year: Nelson Westerberg


Nelson Westerberg has been a Move For Hunger partner since 2012 and has since delivered 1 million lbs of food to people in need, equalling over 832,000 meals that have been distributed from their various locations across the country. 

Originally based in Illinois, they have now expanded their reach to four other states, in which all of their locations have played a role in the fight against hunger! For instance, in early April of 2023, Nelson Westerberg volunteered to help deliver weekly donations of nutritious foods to communities throughout Georgia. 

In the first 6 weeks of these deliveries alone, they were able to provide the equivalent of over 61, 000 meals! Their commitment to fighting hunger didn’t go unnoticed in previous years either! In 2021, Nelson Westerberg was named Move For Hunger’s “Partner of the Year” after they contributed more than 80,000 pounds of food, equalling over 67,000 meals that year!

Nelson Westerberg and its team have shown their unwavering commitment to help in the fight against hunger. We are so grateful to have them as part of the Move For Hunger team and congratulate them on winning the Mover of the Year Award for 2023!

Mover Leaderboard

Top Ten Movers:

  1. Just-In Time Moving & Storage - 1.6 million lbs
  2. Nelson Westerberg of GA - 392,177 lbs
  3. Apex Moving + Storage - 367,801 lbs
  4. Hampton Roads Moving & Storage - 243,182 lbs
  5. Apex Moving & Storage - 182,009 lbs
  6. Paxton - 181,455 lbs
  7. Dumbo Moving - 154,467 lbs
  8. All-Ways Moving & Storage, Inc - 98,583 lbs
  9. Altantic Relocation Systems - Atlanta - 82,052 lbs
  10. Star Moving Solutions - 65,150 lbs


Top Ten Van Lines:

  1. Atlas - 1,280,982 lbs
  2. National - 297,943 lbs
  3. Allied - 182,425 lbs
  4. United - 170,136 lbs
  5. N. American - 168,883 lbs
  6. Bekins - 93,146 lbs
  7. Wheaton - 92,208 lbs
  8. Mayflower - 34,678 lbs
  9. Two Men - 22,127 lbs

2023 Movers of the month

Move For Hunger’s network of movers allows us to continue providing meals for those in need while simultaneously reducing food waste! To date, 1,233 moving companies have joined the fight against hunger. Each month, Move For Hunger recognizes a moving company that exceeds our expectations. Here is a list of 2023’s Movers of the Month:

January - Herren Carolina Moving & Storage 

February - Coleman Worldwide Moving of Washington DC

March - Moda Moving

April - Nelson Westerberg of Georgia

May- Hansen Bros.

June - Helping Hands Express Moving & Storage

July - Apex Moving + Storage 

August - Liffey Van Lines  

September - Ward North American

October - University Moving & Storage

November - University Moving & Storage 

December - Armstrong Company of Lancaster

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