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The December 2023 Mover of the Month award goes to Armstrong Company of Lancaster!

December 22, 2023

Each month, Move For Hunger highlights a moving company that has gone above and beyond with their work to fight against hunger. Armstrong Company of Lancaster is the final company of 2023 to be awarded with this honor!

Armstrong Company of Lancaster in Pennsylvania has made a huge impact in the fight against hunger, participating in bulk food recovery transports. In December alone, Armstrong Company of Lancaster moved over 60,000 lbs of non-perishable food to the Midwest Food Bank in Middletown, Pennsylvania.

"Move For Hunger is always there for our industry and helps facilitate the giving, and the enhancement of our industry’s reputation. Feeding people who need help is a God given responsibility, given to everyone who is not suffering from hunger. Just lend a hand. You live right, good things happen."
Mark Brandenburger

Armstrong Company of Lancaster joined the Move For Hunger network in 2018 and has since helped transport enough donations to provide over 53,000 meals to communities in need around the Harrisburg area. 

“It’s always important to give back when you are able," Brandenburger continued. "Helping others also helps to cleanse one’s soul. We have a great team of folks. We look for “nice, careful and hardworking” in our employees and contractors. If we get those traits, most everything else falls into place.”

In Pennsylvania, more than 1.2 million people are struggling with food insecurity, including nearly 400,000 children. Every donation transport our network makes helps put food on the table for families who don’t have enough. 

If you are a mover and would like to make a difference in the communities you serve, consider joining the Move For Hunger network!