Turn Your Miles into meals

34 million Americans face hunger each day. Meanwhile, we are wasting 35% of the food we produce each year. By joining Team Move For Hunger, you can support our hunger relief and food rescue programs, one step at a time.



It's Important: Athletes understand the importance of physical and mental health, and hunger is a serious obstacle to both.

It's Inclusive: There's a spot for everyone on our team - whether you're training for your first 5K or a seasoned marathoner.

It's Impactful: Move For Hunger has delivered more than 30 million lbs. of food - that's the equivalent of 25 million meals.


How Does It work?

All you need to do is fill out the form below. Our team captain will follow up with additional details, tips, and a link to create your personal fundraising page.



Team Members who make a $500 commitment must meet their goal in order to receive full membership benefits. Members who make a commitment of $1,000 or above must meet their goal two weeks prior to the event to avoid being charged for the difference between your fundraising commitment and your fundraising total.

Membership Benefits

Every member of Team Move For Hunger makes a commitment to raise at least $500. The higher the goal, the more incentives you'll receive!


$500 fundraising commitment

  • PAID race entry
  • Performance t-shirt or tank top
  • Move For Hunger water bottle
  • Monthly newsletter to keep you motivated
  • Personalized fundraising webpage
  • Bumper sticker


$1,000 fundraising commitment*

  • All of the above
  • Virtual Coaching and Support, Training Tips and Regular check-ins
  • Move For Hunger duffle bag


​​​​$1,500 fundraising commitment*

  • All of the above
  • 1 night paid hotel stay at area hotel (up to $400) 
  • Move For Hunger quarter-zip pullover jacket


*Valid credit card required upon registration

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