CORT Collects 340 LBS. of Food During Shark Week

August 16, 2019

Our partners from CORT helped us take a bite out of hunger this summer by holding a Shark Week Food Drive! From July 28-August 3, employees at CORT’s headquarters in Chantilly, VA were asked to bring in canned tuna, salmon, and other non-perishable items to help provide meals for their neighbors in need.

Summer is difficult time of year for food banks. Most people hold food drives during the holiday season, and that outpouring of generosity can help keep the shelves stocked for months. But the donations inevitably decline when the calendar turns over, and by the the time summer arrives, many emergency food providers are running on short supply. The end of the school year only increases the challenge, because millions of families rely on the National School Breakfast and Lunch Progams. When classes end, they often turn to their local food pantry to help replace those meals.

That’s why the Shark Week Food Drive is one of our most important campaigns of the year. By asking our entire network to collect cans of tuna, we can ensure that food banks around the country are receiving plenty of protein-rich donations precisely when they need it most. It’s a great way to take an event that’s a lot of fun and turn it into an opportunity to collect a lot of nutritious food — that’s what Move For Hunger does best.

In just 7 days, the amazing people from CORT donated more than 330 lbs. of food combined — that’s enough to provide 275 meals! CORT personally delivered all of the donations to the Capital Area Food Bank.

Nearly 380,000 people in the Capital Area face hunger every day, including 1 in 8 children. Thank you to Beverly Cranston, Kelsey Cook, and everyone at CORT’s corporate office for your continued support!

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