16 Ways to Take Action This September

Learn How to Get Involved during Hunger Action Month

It seems each year September’s Hunger Action Month becomes more and more important. With the country still feeling the effects of the pandemic and potentially another lockdown on the horizon due to the Delta variant, this year is even more so. 

Over 42 million Americans (1 in 8), 13 million of whom are children (1 in 6), struggle with finding their next meal. At the same time, over a third (35%) of the food in America goes uneaten or unsold. 

As we approach Hunger Action Month, it is important to do just that -- take action. Here are 16 ways to fight against food insecurity and food waste from things that are a little more intensive to others that can easily be done at home. 

Get Involved


1. Host a Food Drive

Signing up to host a food drive is a really easy way to support your community. We give you all the tools you need to make it successful in your community either. You can host a food drive for Hunger Action Month or for another holiday coming up like a Thanksgiving Food Drive

2. Hold a Fundraiser

Another simple option for helping out during Hunger Action Month is by holding a fundraiser. We have a variety of fundraisers that you can host including some that are their own virtual events like a trivia night. When you sign up, you will get supplies to help you run the fundraiser and you can find the instructions and hunger statistics here.


3. Volunteer at Your Local Food Bank

Donating your time at your local food bank is another great option for getting involved that enables you to have a peek at the impact of your work.  Virtual opportunities are also available, so be sure to check out experiences that interest you.


4. join our race team

Run or walk marathons? Half-marathons? How about a nice and easy 5k? You can get active and help provide meals to those in need. There are plenty of fall events in almost every corner of the US that you can take part in. Head on over to our Team Move For Hunger page to learn more. 

Educate Yourself

5. Play Trivia

On Tuesday, September 14 we will be hosting a virtual Trivia Night in honor of Hunger Action Month, so don’t miss your chance to get a ticket. You can have fun while also learning about hunger and food waste in the United States. Should you not wish to play, you are more than welcome to still donate (though it is super fun, so we highly recommend participating!).


6. Watch a Documentary

Documentaries are a great way to learn; some of our new favorites include Seaspiracy and Kiss the Ground, but be sure to check out this list for more suggestions. 


7. Read a ‘Learn’ Page

Move For Hunger has created helpful guides to walk through food insecurity and food waste. Our team has also put together well-researched resources that share how hunger disproportionately impacts women, the LGBTQ+ community, among others. Read more about them here.  

Spread the Word

8. Follow us on Social Media

The best way to stay on top of what’s going on at Move For Hunger and to share it with friends and family is to follow us on social media. We’re on most networks -- Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn, Facebook, TikTok, and YouTube! On these platforms we post informative videos, news about upcoming events, and shoutouts to movers and communities helping us end hunger and food waste.  


9. Shop for Swag

Want to rock your Move For Hunger pride and raise awareness for our organization? Check out this link to find apparel, bags, accessories, and more. Our favorite is the new Blue Two Tone Move For Hunger T-Shirt.


10. Post Assets/Articles on Social Media

You can let others learn about hunger facts by spreading the word about our articles via your social media! Be sure to check out the hunger stats in your state, they may surprise you.  (Don’t forget to check out our accounts, linked above). 


11. Advocate

Speaking your mind about policies related to food is a great way to get involved to create change while also educating others on such an important topic! One way to do so is by reaching out to elected officials. Learn more ways you can advocate, and why you should, here.

Reduce Food Waste

12. Donate to your Local Food Bank

The easiest way to reduce your food waste is to donate the food you aren’t going to use (or donate food in general). Non-perishable items such as peanut butter, pasta, rice, canned fruit, and beans are just a few items that you can donate to a food bank near you. Not sure where any are located? Use this Food Bank Search to find locations in your state.


13. Make a Zero Waste Recipe

Not sure how to reuse leftovers and reduce the amount of food you purchase that goes uneaten? Zero Waste Chefs site lists a multitude of zero waste recipes to fit even the pickiest eater.


14. Do a Food Waste Activity at Home

Ever forget about the leftovers in your fridge? We thought so - throwing out expired food is frustrating, especially considering how confusing the dates listed can be! Check out this list of fun food waste activities that will help you keep track of what is in your pantry, refrigerator, and freezer (bonus: there is an explanation of Sell By, Best By, and Use By dates!)


15. Read About Food Waste

Did you know that 35% of the food produced in the United States goes unused or uneaten? Learn other shocking food waste statistics and find out about the economic and environmental impact of food waste


16. Donate to Move For Hunger

Making a one-time donation is a really quick and easy way to help Move For Hunger get supplies we need to rescue food and run food drives. Interested in continuously supporting Move For Hunger and even earning some awesome perks? Donate each month to support us in our work to end food insecurity - even just $25 means 63 people can eat. Donate here!