Support Those in Need During Hunger Action Month

This September, help provide meals to families, children, seniors, & vulnerable communities who are facing hunger across the United States & Canada.

Donate $50 or more and receive a "Fight Hunger" Move For Hunger T-Shirt!

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Let's take action to end hunger 

During September, your donation will be worth DOUBLE! Our amazing supporters at Altair Global will be matching all donations up to $5,000. That means a $50 donation helps feed over 250 people in need!


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Inflation & food insecurity are on the rise

The pandemic and inflation have had a devastating economic impact and filled the lines at food banks and pantries across the country. More than 38 million Americans including 1 in 6 children are struggling with food insecurity and do not know where their next meal is coming from. 

For people of color and other minorities, the situation is even worse. Hunger disproportionately affects the Black population, the Latinx community, LGBTQ+ individuals, and more. 


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24 million meals provided and counting

Alongside Move For Hunger's network of 1,100 transportation partners, we've helped provide more meals than ever before -- more than 10 million since the start of the pandemic in all 50 states and in Canada.

Food banks need support to deliver supplies to their warehouses and distribution centers. With a fleet of trucks, experienced drivers, and crews capable of doing the heavy lifting, our network can provide reliable transportation assistance and free up resources for food banks to use elsewhere.

Our team is working hard every day to connect transportation resources that want to help with the food banks who so desperately need it.


donate $50 & receive a 'Fight Hunger' T-Shirt

Spread awareness of the hunger crisis! We have a new Move For Hunger T-Shirt for everyone who donates $50 or more during Hunger Action Month. A $50 donation helps provide over 250 meals with the donation match from Altair Global.

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Other Ways To Take action during hunger action month

Fighting the hunger crisis takes all of us and every little bit helps! Our team put together 30 ways to take action this September. Take a look at a few below, and view the full list here

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Join our Race Team

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Reduce Food Waste at Home

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millions of kids go to school hungry

With proper nutrition, kids can focus, learn, and excel in the classroom. You can support them and Move For Hunger. 

A $50 donation helps provide over 250 meals with the donation match from Altair Global, and you can a get 'Fight Hunger' shirt!