Pinnacle Living Provides 28,000 Meals to Those in Need

January 11, 2021

Not to let September’s Hunger Action Month get all the spotlight, Pinnacle Living Property Management hosted a portfolio-wide food drive AND fundraiser during the month of October. A partner since 2018, Pinnacle Living organized the food drive at 52 of their properties across the United States but mostly in the Pacific Northwest. 

With all of their properties combined, they have collected over 7,000 lbs of food (6,000 meals) which is then transported by our movers networks to local foods in each of the respective cities. 

Out of all of the properties, Henley at Kingstowne collected the most. The property in Alexandria, Virginia donated 520 lbs to the Food for Others, a Feeding America food bank in Fairfax, Virginia. The food was transported by Paxton Van Lines, an Atlas agent. 

But as we mentioned, the food drive was only half of what Pinnacle Living did in October, they also hosted a virtual fundraiser sweepstakes that brought in mover than $9,000.  Participants had 3 options to have a chance at a brand new, 128 GB iPad - Donate $10 for 10 chances to win, $25 for 30 chances to win, or $50 for 75 chances to win. Over 200 people tried to win the iPad which helped raise the amazing amount of funds. 

Altogether, both the fundraiser and food drive will provide about 28,000 meals to those in need. 

Lines at food banks include Food for Others, continue to get longer. Food banks are seeing a 60% rise in demand while around 40% of those people are visiting for the very first time. It’s estimated that over 50 million Americans (about 1 in 6) are considered food insecure. 

The efforts made by Pinnacle Living help in the fight against food crisis in many communities across the country.

Do you want to get involved? Join the 1,500+ properties as part of our Multi-Family network or host your own food drive.