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Our SOUPerHeroes Fought Hunger, and Saved the Day with this Summer Food Drive

August 22, 2022

It’s the time of the year when Move For Hunger collaborates with communities to host the SOUPerHero Food Drive! We know that food banks face their greatest need during the summertime, and as donations tend to decline, families with children who had been receiving free or reduced-cost breakfast/lunch at school often need help replacing those meals.

Hunger never takes a vacation, but neither do we at Move for Hunger. Movers and Communities that are a part of our network helped to collect and deliver more than 1,500 lbs of food with their efforts from the SOUPerHero Food Drive! This collected food will provide more than 1,270 meals to feed hungry kids and families. Here's a look at how they did it!

AvalonBay Kicked off and Started Running in June
AvalonBay, based in Arlington Virginia, had five of their properties located across the country in California, participated and collected for the SOUPerHero Food Drive throughout the month of June. The five properties collected over 730 lbs of food, or 615 meals that were donated to the San Diego Food Bank, in San Diego California.

Any donation, big or small, makes a difference in the lives of people and families dealing with issues of food insecurity. In California, 1 in 11 people are facing hunger, and of that, 1 in 8 children are suffering too. With the average cost of a meal in California is around $3.45, some families aren’t bringing in enough to feed their kids nutritious meals like when school is in session.

Catalyst Housing Rounded Up 6 SOUPerHero Properties and Stomped out Hunger
Catalyst Housing, based in Larkspur, California, also joined in on the fight against hunger throughout the month of June. Six of Catalyst Housing’s properties participated in this summer's SOUPerHero food drive. Catalyst’s properties rounded up over 850 lbs of food to donate, which is equivalent to 715 meals!

Food that was collected during this drive was transported to Second Harvest of Silicon Valley, and LA Pride Pantry to be distributed to people in need in Southern California. In Los Angeles County alone, over 1.2 million people are considered food insecure. Together, Move For Hunger and multifamily properties like Catalyst housing can help feed people in need and lessen the burden of hunger.

Jones & Jones Management Helped Kick Hunger to the Curb
Lastly, Jones & Jones Management, based in Woodland Hills, California rounded up two of their properties to fight hunger throughout the month of July! This is Jones & Jones Management’s second food drive with Move For Hunger, and we are so happy to have them on our team!
This summer their properties helped kick hunger to the curb and collected meals to feed families in need, and collected 95 lbs of food. Food that was donated was given back to their community to help families in need this summer! In Los Angeles County, 1 in 5 children are struggling with hunger, and collaborative food drives like the SOUPerHero food drive helps bring awareness to the issue of food insecurity and help people in need. Thank you Jones & Jones for your support and we are so excited to work with you again!

Thank you so much to our participating multifamily communities and Move For Hunger team who helped make this year’s SOUPer Hero summer possible! A HUGE shoutout to CORT San Diego and Los Angeles for transporting the donations! Way to be superheroes this summer and fight hunger!

Want to see your company included in our next roundup? Start planning your next food drive, today!