Start A Food Drive

Move For Hunger makes it easy to make a big difference in your community with just a few small steps. Want to hold a food drive? We'll send you boxes, create fliers and even send a moving truck to deliver all the donations to your local food bank. That's right-we'll do the heavy lifting! To help you get started, we've put together these helpful tips to ensure your food drive is a success.

Steps to Setting up a food drive:

Location. Location. Donation.

Location is everything. The busier the location, the more donations you will receive. Make it easy and fun!

    Some great places to hold food drives are:

  • Grocery Stores
  • Gyms
  • Libraries
  • Schools/PTA
  • Colleges/Universities
  • Sporting Events/Tournaments
  • Networking Groups/Social Clubs
  • Golf Outings
  • Church/Religious Groups
  • Corporate Offices

Food Drive Examples

Have an event coming up like a sports game, concert recital, school play, holiday party or family gathering? Turn it into a food drive!

Almost any event will work as a food drive, just ask the people that are attending to bring a couple of cans along to help those in need.

Check Out Examples Of Successful Food Drives

Get your friends involved.

Don’t host a food drive all by yourself! Recruit your friends, neighbors and family members to help you out.

Food drives are a great team building activities for sports teams, college organizations, clubs, fraternities/sororities or corporate offices, and they provide crucial support to food banks all over the country.

Pull the friendship card if you have to - Hey, it’s for a good cause!

Start Planning Your Food Drive

Once you've decided where your food drive will be held, stop in or give them a call to see if they would be interested.

Let them know you are involved with a national hunger-relief organization: Move For Hunger.

Let them know all the food collected will stay local and mention the name of the food bank you will be delivering food donations to.

See if the location is willing to offer an incentive to donate (such as $1.00 off your next purchase, or a free 7 day membership - whatever they are willing to give).

If you need any assistance at all, just call Move For Hunger at 732-774-0521 and we would be happy to lend a hand!

Find A Move For Hunger Mover To Help Out

Now that you've got a location on board, use our Find-A-Mover tool to locate a mover in your area. Then contact us at the Move For Hunger offices at 732-774-0521 or and we'll help you get started. No need to call the Moving company - leave that to us!

Get the word out! – There’s no sense in holding a food drive if no one knows about it!

Give us a call. We can help you design fliers, banners, and reach out to local newspapers and radio stations to spread the word about the food drive.

Create a Facebook event and invite all your friends and family members at least a week before the start of the food drive. Use your own circle of friends to get the word out about the drive.

Pass out fliers at crowded locations like a school, football game, community event or a shopping mall

Don’t forget to put Move For Hunger labels on all the boxes for the food drive

It's Time to Hold Your Food Drive

Set a goal Create huge poster boards that you can display in a prominent place with the goal written all over it.

Be Loud Use some creativity to decorate the boxes. Hang your fliers EVERYWHERE!!! This is your food drive, everyone should know about it!

Take Pictures – We’re always looking for great shots to put on the web!

Make sure you thank everyone that donates. Tell them just how awesome they are for supporting their local food bank.

Delivery To the Food Bank

It's a good idea to call ahead to your local food bank and let them know that you are holding a food drive. They can help you spread the word about the event and will let you know when you can drop off all of the food donations

Our moving partners will receive a weight receipt from the food bank when all the food is dropped off. This weight receipt will allow us to figure out how many meals will be provided–for every 1.2 pounds of food collected, a meal can be provided to someone in need.

Shut down. Officially end the drive by posting the number of donations you collected in the main collection area and the Facebook event. Make sure to give special thanks to everyone who chipped in.

Need Help? Give us a call - 732-774-0521

It's always a good idea to start planning early! Please Allow 4-6 weeks of lead time for all food drives.