June 2020 Community of the Month: Cosmopolitan at Reston Town Center

July 16, 2020


Cosmopolitan at Reston Town Center, a Gates Hudson apartment community, was named our Multi-Family Program Community of the Month for June, for their successful summer food drive! The Cosmopolitan at Reston Town Center staff and residents went above and beyond and collected 460 pounds of food, which will provide 383 meals for those in need in Reston, Virginia. 


Our incredible partners, CORT Furniture Rental Washington D.C. branch volunteered to pick up 46 Move For Hunger donation bags filled with nutritious, non-perishable goods and delivered the donations to Mobile Hope in Loudoun County, Virginia. Mobile Hope is a 501(c)3 non-profit organization that works towards supporting young people under the age of 24 who struggle with homelessness or precarious housing. According to the National Alliance to End Homelessness, youth homelessness is often rooted in family conflict, however, other contributing factors include economic circumstances like poverty and housing insecurity, racial disparities, and mental health and substance use disorders. As we stand in solidarity and voice the need for aid and change during this incredible social movement geared towards justice and equal opportunities, the Cosmopolitan at Reston Town Center contributions towards both Mobile Hope and Move For Hunger is monumental. 


Cosmopolitan at Reston Town Center Food Drive 2020 (5).jpg

Kim Ridings, food drive organizer and Cosmopolitan at Reston Town Center  Property Manager, expresses the importance of compassion and kindness towards giving back to the youth in the community. Ridings says, “They are unable to receive the paycheck to provide for their families, go to schools where the children who rely on school breakfast and lunches to fill their stomachs and see their friends to fill their hearts with friendship and love and places of worship where they receive the fellowship and unity in their faith.” Ridings goes on to say, “You live what you learn and I learned from the beginning that you care for each other no matter how much you have, someone else has less and you share what you can. I hope this time has provided all of us some time for reflection and a sense of service to one another.” 


During a time in history where unity is essential to provoke equitable changes nationally, the coming together of the staff and residents amplifying ways to make a difference through something as simple as donating your food when you move is an impactful start. When talking about the residents' role in giving back to the community, Ridings explained, “Many of the residents were happy to hear of the program and were thrilled to donate. I believe they felt it was the last thing they could do for the community before they moved.”  


Cosmopolitan at Reston Town Center Food Drive 2020 (2).jpgWe are so thankful to the residents and staff of Cosmopolitan at Reston Town Center and to the CORT Furniture Rental Washington D.C. branch team for their passion and dedication towards making a difference in the community!