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Ten Year Anniversary | Our Top 10 Movers of All-Time

April 29, 2019

We are grateful for every moving company that has pledged to help us reduce food waste and fight hunger over the last decade, but we also believe in giving credit where credit is due. As we celebrate our 10 Year Anniversary, we felt that we had to acknowledge the companies that have made the biggest impact in their communities. We have nearly 1,000 movers in our network, but only 10 have delivered more than 200,000 lbs. of food all-time. Those 10 companies are listed below.

One thing you'll notice about this list is that every mover on it has either volunteered to assist with food drives or has forged a close working relationship with their local food banks. Those seem to be the most effective ways to utilize our network, and it's something we'll be encouraging more of going forward!


(totals as of July 24, 2019)

Company, ShoreView Moving & Storage, are the only members of our network to have topped the 1 million lbs. of food mark. The Allied Van Lines agents help out with the Stamp Out Hunger food driveeach year, which is one of the big reasons that are at the top of this list. In 2019, for, example, they delivered nearly 94,958 lbs. of food to the Food Bank of Delaware. Not bad for an afternoon's work. 

Imlach&CollinsBrothers_StaffPhotos2017 (2).jpg2. Imlach & Collins Brothers (Dallas, TX) 596,109 lbs. of food Our 2017 Mover of the Year has delivered hundreds of thousands of pounds of food by participating in the North Texas Food Bank’s Food 4 Kids program. Students who receive free or reduced-cost meals at school often face hunger over the weekend. Food 4 Kids provides those at-risk children with backpacks full of nutritious, non-perishable food to take home on Fridays during the school year. Once a month, Imlach & Collins Brothers sends a truck and two crew members to pick up and deliver the backpacks to three different school districts in the greater Dallas area. 

3. Reebie Moving & Storage Co. (Franklin Park, IL) 585,649 lbs. of food For the past several years, Reebie Storage & Moving Co. of Franklin Park has partnered with  the Hunger Resource Network to deliver tens of thousands of pounds of chicken to their neighbors in need! The chickens are first delivered from Sunset Foods, a local supermarket, to Hunger Resource Network. From there, they are distributed to 30 different food pantries that serve their respective Chicago neighborhoods.

FooBankPage-ApexMovingAndStorage.jpg4. Apex Moving & Storage (Puyallup, WA) 557,871 lbs. of food This is one company that has been surging towards the top of our leaderboard over the past several months. Apex Moving & Storage, a Stevens agent, has built a strong relationship with the Puyallup Food Bank, and they are now making regular deliveries from local distribution warehouses in the region. In March, for example, they delivered nearly 40,000 lbs. of food! 

DSC_0198.JPG5. Lowy's Moving Service (Neptune, NJ) 489,770 lbs. of food The founding member of the Move For Hunger network has made regular donations and assisted with dozens of food drives over the last 10 years. Lowy's biggest delivery came in 2017, when the Wheaton World Wide agents transported the more than 53,000 lbs. of non-perishable food that was collected during the 8th annual FoodStock to Lunch Break in Red Bank, NJ. 

6. Reebie Moving & Storage Co. (Naperville, IL) 475,548 lbs. of food Reebie Moving & Storage of Naperville is another company that we know we can rely on to volunteer for the Stamp Out Hunger food drive every year. In 2018, alone, the Allied agents delivered 76,000 lbs. of food to the Loaves & Fishes food bank in Naperville, which is enough to provide 63,300 meals. 

7. Hampton Roads Moving & Storage (Suffolk, VA) 413,979 lbs. of food  Every year, Hampton Roads Moving & Storage volunteers at the Mayflower Marathon food drive to help provide holiday meals for their neighbors in need. In 2018, members of their community donated nearly 208,000 pounds of turkeys, sweet potatoes, stuffing, and other Thanksgiving staples — which was enough to fill 6 trailers! Hampton Roads Moving & Storage delivered all of the donations to the Foodbank of Southeastern Virginia and the Eastern Shore. 

8. St. Pete Moving & Storage (St. Petersburg, FL) 323,443 lbs. of food “Our relationship with Move For Hunger and our customers has allowed us to provide nearly 270,000 meals to the St. Petersburg community in the 5 years we have participated in the program," said Michael K. Baker, Vice President of St. Pete Moving & Storage. "We know that food insecurity is an issue in our community. Through our partnership with Move For Hunger, we will continue to provide meals for families that need our assistance."

9. Firefighting's Finest Moving & Storage (Fort Worth, TX) 296,820 lbs. of food Firefighting’s Finest assists with several food drives in the Fort Worth area each year. They volunteer to pick up the donations from the events and deliver them to the Tarrant Area Food Bank. “Schools, churches, and businesses all hold food drives in the fall,” said David Peterson. “Our contact at the food bank lets us know where they need us to pick up from, and we just work it into our schedule. It’s easy for us.”

CrownRelocationsNewJerseyTruckPull2018-(78)-web.jpg10. Crown Relocations of New York (Keasbey, NJ) 255,232 lbs. of food Whenever we need help in New York or New Jersey, we know we can count on Bob Leotti and his team at Crown Relocations. Not only do they provide support for several food drives each year, they also collect more food from their clients than just about anyone else. And, earlier this year, Crown organized and hosted the second annual NJ Truck Pull and raised more than $21,000 to support our programs. 

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