Thinking about holding a food drive to fight hunger in your community? Then you’ve come to the right place! Move For Hunger organizes hundreds of food drives every year, and we’d love to help you get started. Here are a few basic things you need to know to make sure that your food drive is a success.

Location is Everything

Don’t hold a food drive in the middle of nowhere; go where the people are! Offices, schools, grocery stores, and sporting events are all great locations!

Our Top 50 Food Drive Locations

Pick a Theme

One way to get people excited about your food drive is to ask for specific items. For example, you can Spread the Love by only collecting jars of peanut butter and jelly. Need more ideas? We’ve got plenty! Check out our Featured Campaigns to learn more about all of our signature and seasonal food drives.

Featured Campaigns

Make it a Competition

Offering an incentive or a prize to donors can help create energy and excitement about your food drive.

Holding a food drive at a school? Reward the class who collects the most with a pizza party. Holding a food drive at work? Set a goal and promise the staff a free bagel breakfast if they reach it. Discount coupons, entries to a raffle, and admission to an event are other ways to persuade potential donors.

How to Incentivize Your Food Drive

Don't Do It Alone

Let’s face it: everything is easier with a little help.

Ask family members, friends, colleagues, and classmates to help spread the word and to lend a hand on the day of the event.

How to Recruit Your Friends

Think big!

Stop by your local supermarket or convenience store and let them know that you are collecting food for the local food bank. Do they have any non-perishable items that they could donate? It’s ok if the food is a little past the expiration date; most of the time the food is still good and will be accepted by food banks.

End Your Food Drive The Right Way

Officially end the food drive by thanking everyone who donated and sharing the results. Photos are a great way to show everyone how much food you collected, so make sure you take a picture with all of your donations! Post the photo on social media, or attach it to an email to thank everyone for their help. Be sure to send us the photo, too, so that we can include it in the blog post we’re going to write about your event!

Now that you know the basics, it’s time to get started! Move For Hunger can provide you with the personal support, expert advice, and marketing tools that can turn a good food drive into a GREAT food drive.

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