Don't Do It Alone: 4 Easy Ways Your Friends Can Help With Your Food Drive

September 14, 2016

Let's face it - everything is easier with a little help from our friends, even food drives! Many people think that they can hold a successful food drive all by themselves, but when friends and family are recruited to help, we all collect more food! Here are 4 ways they can contribute to the cause.

Donate: This one might seem obvious, but many of us overlook it. Call your friends and family to ask them to donate to your food drive.

Bring a collection box to their workplace: It's an easy ask, especially if your provide them with the box and a few flyers.

Bring a collection box to their child's school or classroom: Your friends will need to get approval from the teacher or principal for this one, but this is a great way to teach children a valuable lesson about charity.

Ask THEIR family & friends to donate: Giving is contagious. Once your friends realize how important and rewarding holding a food drive is, they will want to ask their family & friends to donate, as well!

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