Stamp Out Hunger 2019 | One Day, One Million LBS. of Food!

June 17, 2019

On Saturday, May 11, The National Association of Letter Carriers held the 27th annual Stamp Out Hunger Food Drive, the nation’s largest one-day food collection effort. Residents in thousands of communities across the United States were asked to leave bags of non-perishable food donations on their porch or near their mailbox. Postal workers then collected the donations as they delivered mail along their route.

NALCStampOutHungerFoodDrive2019-HollanderStorageAndMoving (14).jpgGetting the donations to the food banks always presents a challenge, and that’s where Move For Hunger can really make a difference! Forty five members of our network sacrificed their Saturday afternoons help pick up the donations from 63 collection points across 17 states and delivered them to their local food banks. In just one day, our movers delivered 1,003,679  lbs. of food combined, which is enough to provide more than 836,000 meals!

For the last 6 years, Move For Hunger has made it a priority to assist with the Stamp Out Hunger food drive in any way we can. Our network has the trucks and the manpower to ease some of the the burden on the post offices and food banks who are doing the lion's share of the work.

"The Stamp Out Hunger event went SO smoothly. Even more so than last year," said Beenish Dhanani of Big Sunday, a food bank in Los Angeles. "(Cross Country Moving) was gracious enough to help all day and they were all great!"

We've been doing this for so long now that some of the participating moving companies have built relationships with their local food banks.

"The great thing is that the same drivers from the companies work every year, so it’s great to see the same faces," said Kristin Kvesic of the Orange County Food Bank. "They say that they love doing the event."

None of it would be possible without the NALC and its members, who spend countless hours planning, organizing, and ironing out all of the logistical details for the event. We figured they could use all the help they can get.

NALCStampOutHungerFoodDrive2019-WhiteGloveMoving&Storage (2).jpg"I can't begin to tell you how much it means to all of us at the National Association of Letter Carriers knowing there are great partners willing to help out in this great cause," said Armando Sepulevda, the USPS Coordinator in San Diego. "The service you provided helped expedite the transportation to the SD Food Bank where volunteers were waiting to sort out all the food collected. It saves so much time and energy."

The Stamp Out Hunger food drive always help to restock the shelves at food banks before the summer, which tends to be the season when emergency food providers see the greatest demand for their services. The reason? Families with children who had been receiving free or reduced-cost breakfast and/or lunch at school need to find a way to replace those meals during summer break. So they turn to their local food bank or pantry for assistance. We think this food drive is one of the most important events of the year and we're thrilled that so many members of our network agree.

"You guys are amazing and we truly appreciate all of the efforts you have put into helping us with this food drive,"  said Jandery DeLaCruz of Feeding Westchester. "There are no words to thank you enough. We are all truly grateful."  


Stamp Out Hunger 2019 Final Results

AAA Movers (Brooklyn Park, MN) -22,290 LBS.

Ace Relocation Systems (Los Angeles, CA) - 9,663 LBS.

Ace Relocation Systems (San Diego, CA) - 40,500 LBS. (2 locations)

All American Transfer & Storage (Lafayette, LA) - 6,920 LBS.

All-Ways Moving & Storage (Laguna Hills, CA) - 16,646 LBS.

Amazing Moves Moving & Storage (Denver, CO) - 12,200 LBS.

Atlantic Relocation Systems (Tampa, FL) - 18,760 LBS.

Bayshore Moving & Storage and its sister company ShoreView Moving & StorageAllied agents (Newark, DE) - 94,958 LBS.

Bekins Northwest (Spokane, WA) - 9,605 LBS. (2 locations)

Beltmann Relocation Group (Minneapolis/St. Paul, MN) - 52,884 LBS. (3 locations)

Berger Allied (St. Paul, MN) - 58,246 LBS. (4 locations)

Clancy Relocation & Logistics (Patterson, NY) - 14,190 LBS. (2 locations)

Coleman Worldwide, an Allied agent (Spokane, WA) - 9,046 LBS.

Coleman Worldwide, an Allied agent (Wichita, KS) - 10,334 LBS.

Coleman Worldwide, an Allied agent (Hampton, VA) - 5,618 LBS.

Coleman Worldwide, an Allied agent (New Orleans, LA) - 6,642 LBS. (3 locations)

Cross Country Moving Company (Los Angeles, CA) - 7,350 LBS.

Crown Relocations (Los Angeles, CA) - 11,153 LBS.

Crown Relocations (San Francisco, CA) - 13,619 LBS

Daly Movers (Garden Grove, CA) - 20,540 LBS.

Hall Lane Moving & Storage, a North American agent (Commack, NY) - 11,855 LBS.

Hilldrup (Greenville, SC) - 17,362 LBS.

Hollander Storage & Moving (Elk Grove Village, IL) - 25,000 LBS.

Imlach & Collins Brothers (Dallas, TX) - 3,584 LBS.

Liberty Moving & Storage (Commack, NY) - 32,906 LBS.

Low Budget Movers (Phoenix, AZ) - 4,104 LBS.

Lowy's Moving Service, a Wheaton agent (Neptune, NJ) - 3,256 LBS.

McCarthy Transfer & Storage, a National Van Lines agent (El Cajon, CA) - 17,371 LBS.

Mesa Moving & Storage (Aurora, CO) - 9,450 LBS.

Miracle Movers (Wilmington, NC) - 20,040 LBS.

Move Central (San Diego, CA) - 55,500 LBS. (3 locations)

Nilson Van & Storage (Fayetteville, NC) - 13,805 LBS. (3 locations)

Pikes Peak Moving & Storage, a Wheaton agent (Colorado Springs, CO) - 15,840 LBS.

Red's Transfer & Storage, an Allied agent (St. Cloud, MN) - 25,379 LBS.

Reebie Moving & Storage, an Allied agent (Franklin Park, IL) - 91,532 LBS.

Reebie Moving & Storage, an Allied agent (Naperville, IL) - 85,360 LBS.

Reliable Moving Company, a Bekins agent (Birmingham, AL) - 5,301 LBS.

Reliance Moving & Storage, a Wheaton agent (Newport News, VA) - 7,722 LBS.

Suddath Relocation Systems (Clearwater, FL) - 27,606 LBS.

Suddath Relocation Systems (La Mirada, CA) - 14,425 LBS. (2 locations)

Suddath Relocation Systems (Eden Prairie, MN) - 14,556 LBS. (2 locations)

Two Men & a Truck (Fayetteville, NC) - 8,099 LBS.

Two Men & a Truck (Pueblo, CO) - 20,200 LBS.

White Glove Moving, Storage, and Delivery, a Bekins agent (Vero Beach, FL) - 30,416 LBS.

William B. Meyer (Bedford Hills, NY) - 1,980 LBS. (3 locations)