Premium Q Moving & Storage Delivers More than 21,000 LBS. of food to Project SOUP

April 30, 2020

In the midst of the COVID-19 pandemic, Move For Hunger has been reaching out to food banks across the country to see if we can help make deliveries to their partner agencies. Since April 23, team from Premium Q Moving & Storage has delivered more than 33,000 lbs. of food from the Greater Boston Food Bank to Project Soup - that's the equivalent of 28,000 meals!

Project Soup is the food pantry affiliated with the Greater Somerville Homeless Coalition (GSHC), an organization dedicated to helping the homeless and nearly homeless with finding housing, support services, and food. The pantry receives deliveries from the Greater Boston Food Bank every Monday, and Premium Q Moving & Storage will continue to help each week for as long as they need to.


"We have been partnering with Move for Hunger for years, but when something like this pandemic happens we knew we had to reach out," said Victor Chaves, Sales Manager at Premium Q Moving & Storage. "With so many lives being affected it was more apparent than ever that we needed to do whatever we could as a company! These are our neighbors, the ones that made Premium Q Moving what it is, and we were looking to help anyway we could."


All of the food Project Soup receives is on pallets, and since it is a small pantry without a loading dock or a wide entryway, the Premium crew has to unpack everything to bring the food indoors.


"They spent hours helping and were awesome," said David Jacobs of the GSHC.


One of the strengths of the Move For Hunger model is that it allows companies to incorporate charitable giving into their day-to-day operations. Chaves said that his team looks forward to any opportunity to help.


"We really pride ourselves on not only providing a service, but really helping people out. So when our guys actually get to help out with something as meaningful as this it just makes all the hard work worth it. Especially during a time like this." 


In addition to their work with Move For Hunger, Premium Q Moving & Storage is also supporting local businesses and health care workers during the pandemic.


"We have actually been asking and collecting $10 donations from our clients to go towards local restaurants who are partnering with the Boston Globe to provide fresh-made meals to many of the Boston-area hospitals," Chaves said.


More than 616,000 people in Massachusetts, including 1 in 9 children, were food insecure even before the coronavirus outbreak, and those numbers have increased significantly over the past 2 months. We are so thankful that Premium Q Moving & Storage has stepped up their efforts to fight hunger during this unprecedented crisis.

The COVID-19 Pandemic has left a massive economic impact and has drastically increased the need for emergency food assistance nationwide. Move For Hunger is actively searching for ways to meet the demand, but we're going to need your help.

If you can, please consider making a donation to Move For Hunger. With your support, we'll be able to rapidly respond and mobilize our network in communities across the United States and Canada.