How to Make a Food Drive Fun and Exciting!

April 27, 2017

Pick a theme for your food drive - Picking a theme can help bring cohesion to a food drive. For example, if there was a beach theme you could wear a Hawaiian shirt, set up summer decorations, and have bright colored balloons.

Wear funny outfits - Have everyone who is volunteering wear something ridiculous, such as a costume or a funny hat. You'll have fun and get great pictures!

Set a goal and make it visual - You could make a poster to represent how much food has been donated so far and how much more you still need to go (using charts, thermometers, etc.) Making a visual representation will help people understand the goal and get excited about reaching it.

Have a raffle - Getting local businesses to donate a gift card or basket of products will give people incentive to come and donate to your food drive. If someone gives three cans or donates five dollars, they can have a free raffle ticket!

Set up another way to donate on-site - Having a bake sale or car wash will bring more people to your food drive and increase donations. Who doesn’t love cookies, cupcakes, and clean cars?

Have a funny contest - If a certain goal is met, arrange for someone (such as the coordinator) to agree to something such as having water dumped on them, having to sing in front of everyone or having to wear a funny outfit the next day...whatever works best for your environment.

Make it a competition - Split into two groups and see who can bring in more food. Competition will add excitement and help
push you and your group to work harder towards your goal.

Don't forget to use Twitter and Facebook to promote your food drive!

Still need some help? We would be more than happy to help you make this the most exciting food drive yet.

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