Lowy's Moving Service Rescues Food from the New Jersey Marathon!

May 16, 2019

On April 28, our friends at Lowy's Moving Service, a Wheaton agent, once again rescued all of the leftover food and beverages from the New Jersey Marathon!

If you’ve ever participated in a race or walk, chances are that you have been greeted by fresh fruit, bagels, drinks, and other food at the finish line, but have you ever thought about where all of the uneaten food goes? For the fourth year in a row, Lowy's Moving Serivce made sure that none of that post-race food went to waste.

This year, Lowy's rescued 3,197 lbs. of bananas, snacks, sports drinks, and bottled water! Everything was delivered  to Fulfill. During the 4 years they have volunteered at the NJ Marathon, Lowy's has collected more than 18,000 lbs. of food and beverages combined!

Nearly 866,000 New Jersey residents struggle with food insecurity, including 1 in 8 children. Thank you, as always, to the team at Lowy's Moving Service for being one of our biggest supporters!

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