Ward North American is March 2021 Mover of the Month!

April 8, 2021

Move for Hunger has so many wonderful moving partners across the country, but in March one of them stood out. We are delighted to announce that Mover of the Month for March 2021 is Ward North American in Houston, Texas!

In early 2021, the south was hit by a huge winter storm, leaving many states including Texas without water or power. On March 1, Ward North American used a 53ft truck to pick up 18 pallets of water from Missouri City, donated by 7-Eleven. This water transport brought 43,520 pounds of water to the Daily Bread Ministries in San Antonio. The deep freeze in the south damaged a lot of citizens' water pipes, and luckily with the help of 7-Eleven, Ward North American was able to send help.

Ward North American has been a Move for Hunger partner since August 2019. During our time together, Ward has collected nearly 50,000 pounds of food, providing over 40,000 meals for those in need. Aside from the water transport to Daily Bread Ministries, Ward North American transports the donated food to the Houston Food Bank

In Houston, 16% of the population has reported being food insecure, and 1 in 4 children are suffering from food insecurity. The Houston Food Bank has been seeing longer lines yet fewer volunteers as they work to distribute 800,000 pounds of food per day during COVID-19.

Move for Hunger is proud to have partners like Ward North American, who has continued to go out of their way to fight hunger. We thank them for everything they have done for their community and urge you to follow in their footsteps by visiting our website to learn more about starting your own food drive, volunteering, and joining the network.