Thanks To This Spring's Effort From Movers And Other Companies, Meals Are Donated To Those In Need

May 13, 2022

Multiple companies helped collect, transport, and donate food this spring. All of their contributions helped Move For Hunger strengthen our mission of fighting hunger and reducing food waste!

As Spring comes to a close and summer is upon us,  the hunger crisis worsens.  22 million children around the U.S. rely on meals to be provided in school. Without school in session, these children cannot access school meal programs. With the help of these companies, the food donated this Spring will help children like this and their families. 

Thank you to all the companies that donated this Spring, let’s share some of our favorites!

With the help of Stewart Moving and Storage and Southside Moving and Storage, Military Produce Group and Society of St. Andrew helped transport about 6,750 lbs of perishable and non-perishable food to local food banks in Virginia Beach area. This provided almost 5,625 meals to those in need!

Down in North Carolina, Total Quality Logistics assisted with the transport of 40,000 lbs of sweet potatoes from Corey and Sons Farms. These sweet potatoes were taken from Corey and Sons Farms and dropped off at the Tarboro Community Outreach Homeless Shelter and Pantry and Westside Project to help those in need of food. This was a massive success in helping increase the number of perishable foods food banks in East North Carolina currently receive.

Sprinly and Hunger Network is a mission-driven company striving to increase the amount of fresh organic foods people in need receive. With help from Beltmann Relocation Group, a North American Van Line agent, Moving Ahead Services, and Armbruster Moving & Storage, Inc., a Mayflower Van Line agent, movers transported food donations from Sprinly, including more than 6,000 pounds of fresh produce and other perishable food items, to The Learning Zone- Salvation Army located in East Cleveland. This will provide over 5,000 meals! 

With the help from REAL RocknRoll Movers, Food Forward, a nonprofit organization that brings fresh fruits and vegetables to food insecure communities in California,  was able to transport nearly 18,700 lbs, equivalent to about 15,600 meals, of perishable food to the Hollywood Food Coalition!

We can’t forget about Moda Movers and their contributions to our fight against hunger this Spring! Moda Movers transported about 7,700 lbs of nonperishable food, equal to 6,415 meals, to the Rolling Hills Community Church and Tualatin Food Pantry in Tualatin, Oregon. The food was picked up at Sunshine Division in Wilsonville, Oregon, then transported to those in need. Thank you, Moda Movers, and everyone involved in this transport!

It’s not every day we get to help a Children’s Hospital, so when the opportunity presented itself, Guardian Relocation in Indianapolis jumped at the chance. As a result, this Spring, Guardian Relocation in Indianapolis was able to help with monthly food transport in April and May. Doing this has helped provide about 1,290 meals to the Riley Food Pantry at Riley’s Children’s hospital! 

Collected at the Marine Corps Half Marathon, J. Barber Moving & Storage was able to transport perishable and non-perishable food, including water and granola bars, to the Micah Ecumenical Ministries in Fredericksburg, Virginia.

If you ever run a 5k or half marathon, you know many goodies are waiting for you at the finish line - a medal, banana, water, etc. Well, it may be no surprise that there is also a lot of leftover food. We partner with races around the country to donate their food after their event. Moving Ahead Services has helped with post-race deliveries before, like the Union Home Mortgage Cleveland Marathon last year. This Spring, Moving Ahead Services was able to transport 2,756lbs of food donated at the Cleveland Marathon. The food went to the United Way of Central Ohio Food Bank in Columbus, Ohio. We appreciate everyone who donated!

We are so thankful for the following moving companies and company members that participated in the food pickups and transports this Spring: Stewart Moving and Storage, Southside Moving and Storage, Total Quality Logistics, Armbruster Moving & Storage, Inc., Beltmann Relocation Group, J. Barber Moving & Storage, Moving Ahead Services, Berman Moving & Storage, REAL RocknRoll Movers, Paxton Van Lines Inc., and Guardian Relocation. We couldn’t be more thankful for their consistent support of Move For Hunger, and we look forward to seeing their impact in the future!

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