SIRVA in Action Front Porch Food Drive and Fundraiser Drives in almost 6,900 Meals Donated to Food Insecure Communities

December 9, 2021

The holidays can be quite hard on many families, especially when it comes to Thanksgiving and Christmas meals. Thankfully, we haveSirva Front Porch Food Drive 2021-MarinaReidbolt (1).jpg many partners that step up to the plate to help make sure everyone is fed. One of those partners is SIRVA, a leading moving and relocation services provider.

From November 1st to November 14, SIRVA hosted a ‘SIRVA in Action Front Porch Food Drive and Fundraiser’, bringing in almost 6,900 donated meals to local food banks and pantries. The event included 15 separate Front Porch Food Drives from California to New York, and everywhere in between, including Canada. It also included more than 25 donors who all teamed up in the fight against hunger, donating over $1,200, equalling over 3,000 meals, to food insecure communities.

The SIRVA Fort Wayne office in Indiana paved the way for the Front Porch Food Drive, collecting a total of 1,000lbs of food to be donated to The Franciscan Center. Coming in second place are Sarah Rutherford and Helena Villar of Illinois, who collaboratively collected over 500lbs of food to be donated to the Northern Illinois Food Bank.

Sirva Front Porch Food Drive 2021-EliseWeiler (1).pngThe Front Porch Food Drive was born out of necessity during the pandemic, and quickly climbed it’s way to the top as one of our more effective food drive programs because of its ease for people to donate food. 

Here’s how it works: Move For Hunger provides almost all of the supplies and materials the food drive organizer needs to distribute food collection bags in their neighborhood. The organizer then distributes the bags early in the week and then goes back several days later to collect the food right from the front porch. If you’d like to learn more about Front Porch Food Drives, visit our Food Drive page!

  SIRVA, a leader in providing relocation solutions to a well-established and diverse customer base around the world, has been part of Move For Hunger’s network since 2013. SIRVA is the parent company to two other moving companies, Allied Van Lines and northAmerican Van Lines, that are also part of the MoveSirva Front Porch Food Drive 2021-SarahRutherford1 (1).jpg  For Hunger mover network and regularly transport food donations to food banks and pantries. Learn more about our mover network here.

Across the United States, over 42 million people are food insecure, including 1 in 6 children that  don’t know where their next meal is coming   from. The holidays are no exception for the food insecure, and food donations are always in high demand. If you’d like to join the fight against hunger, please visit our donation page!

We extend a huge thank you to all of the moving partners who participated in the Front Porch Food Drive, including Boerman Moving & Storage, a Bekins Van Line Agent, Hoover The Mover, Moving Solutions Inc, both northAmerican agents, and the individuals who delivered the donations themselves!

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