Our December Community of the Month is… AMLI 900

January 9, 2021

Our Multi-Family Program continues to make an impact every month, and we like to take the time to celebrate and highlight one community that goes above and beyond. AMLI Residential hosted a portfolio-wide food drive at their Chicago properties. While it wasn’t necessarily a competition, AMLI 900 won by collecting over 650 pounds of food, the equivalent of about 550 meals.

AMLI Residential Portfolio Wide Thanksgiving FD 2020-900.jpgBetween the six different participating properties, the entire event brought in nearly 2,000 lbs of food (1,600 meals). Those meals were transported by CORT Furniture to the Northern Illinois Food Bank. Those meals and every delivery will help food the nearly 1 million people in the Chicagoland area struggling to get food, and this food drive came at the right time as food banks are experiencing a reported 60% rise in traffic. 

“With the so many people finding themselves in need, those who are able to give, should,” Mayra Figueroa, the AMLI 900 Community Manager.  “Our community has fortunately taken that task to heart. We have seen a huge demand in our community and the residents of AMLI 900 have not been able to stand idly by. They have given to help families get through these tough times. No one should go hungry.” 

“It certainly has been a positive experience for everyone. I think most people want to be able to give in some way. However, there may not be a safe or convenient way for them to be able to participate. Move For Hunger has allowed everyone who can participate and donate in a convenient, and most importantly, safe way. It has also made our community closer, seeing the donations become larger. It has instilled more pride that everyone has come together as a community to support our community at large.”

Thank you for all you do, AMLI 900, and congrats on winning our December Community of the Month Award! To make an impact in your community, sign-up for our Multi-Family program or host a food drive.