Nelson Westerberg Wraps Up a Banner Year with a New-Look Truck and a Fast Start to 2021

May 3, 2021

While the country gets back to normal little by little, the effects of the pandemic are still being felt. Last year our network transported 40% more food than in our record-setting 2019 and that momentum has continued into the new year thanks to amazing partners like Nelson Westerberg.

Since the new year, the Illinois location has already transported 42,000 lbs of food which is the equivalent of 35,000 meals. 

They recently completed two awesome food bank transports. The first one was on February 26, for the Chicago Mutual Aid Network. The Chicago Mutual Aid Network launched during COVID-19 and connects those in need with helpers across the city. This food transport delivered 30,000 meals to their Far South Side Distribution Site.

The second Nelson Westerberg food transport on April 7 delivered 4,825 meals to a local apartment complex from Top Box Foods Chicago, a non-profit that offers a variety of different healthy foods at affordable prices. They strive to create equitable access to healthy, fresh, and affordable foods in Chicago's underserved, food-insecure neighborhoods. 

Nelson Westerberg Truck Wrap (2)Nelson Westerberg has been a partner of Move for Hunger since 2012, and every year they continue to go above and beyond and give back to their community.  The entire company has helped transport over 600,000 lbs of food (500,000 meals) and when food insecurity was at its worst last year, Nelson Westerberg stepped up to deliver more than 400,000 pounds of food. 

Because of their amazing impact, we awarded what might be our highest honor, a Move For Hunger branded truck wrap that is saved for our best partners. It’ll help build awareness throughout the community and thank them for their pride and commitment to our cause!

We may be biased, but we think it’s one pretty darn good-looking truck. 

“Giving back is part of Nelson Westerberg’s mission that goes right to the top of our company," said Neil Picone, Director of Operations of Nelson Westerberg of Illinois.  "(As) a long-term Move For Hunger partner, during the pandemic, we turned to all of our employees and professional van operators to do something special, purposeful, and with a sense of urgency.  Our Move For Hunger initiative has been and continues to be motivating.  We are inspired to take deliberate action to help curb hunger, supporting our industry’s primary giving organization, Move For Hunger." 

"We have employees and Professional Van Operators that care more than others care.  They did not hesitate in volunteering time to facilitate and transport food to depleted food banks across the country.  Nelson Westerberg stepped up during the pandemic because taking action to help others was and is the right thing to do.  We are deeply grateful to our corporate and RMC clients for motivating us to continue to do more and give more.  During an unprecedented time in our country and many of our employees working virtually, our giving back culture has only galvanized an already great team.”

We continued to need partners like Nelson Westerberg as the fight against hunger is far from over. Five million more Americans fell into food insecurity last year due to the pandemic and now there are 42 total million Americans struggling to find something to eat including 1 in 6 kids. 

We commend Nelson Westerberg for working with organizations that strive to better their communities and fight for a more equitable world. 

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