Move For Hunger Partners with Vegandale to Recover Fresh, Leftover Food After Nationwide Festivals

November 9, 2021

Move For Hunger 4.jpgOver the past year, Move For Hunger decided to expand its impact and launched a new program to recover more fresh and perishable food. In our quest to reduce food waste, we partnered with The Vegandale Food Festival. Our movers collected and organized the donations at 3 different locations in the past month - Los Angeles, New York, and even internationally in Toronto.  

Dumbo Moving + Storage helped transport all of the food to the Infusion Media Group which then distributed it immediately at the ‚Äč‚ÄčLiberty Hall Cathedral of Praise to those in need in Brooklyn. The majority of donations came from Brooklyn, New York with about 3,300 meals donated. In New York, 1 in 10 people is food insecure while in Kings County (Brooklyn), 350,000 people are food insecure.

This exact food festival started in September and went all the way towards mid-October with around 5,000 pounds of food donated across the country and Canada to provide 4,000 meals to help feed those in need.

Vegandale is North America’s fastest-growing vegan food festival featuring food, music, and art. The locations of the festival run in Chicago, New York, Los Angeles, Toronto, and Austin. Move for Hunger would like to thank our movers, Rawlinson Moving and Storage in Toronto and NorthStar Moving - Los Angeles for moving all of the food.

With the amount of food, vegetables, and others that had been donated, the Vegandale Food Festival helped with the hunger situation with around 8,000 in total meal donations. Our fresh food program has helped provide about 200,000 meals since it's launch. Want to learn more about our fresh food program? Click here to learn more.