Hollander Storage & Moving Co. Transports Nearly 19,000 Pounds of GoGo Squeez Products

August 13, 2021

This past July, Hollander Storage & Moving Co. and GoGoSqueez teamed up to help fight hunger and support the great city of Chicago. The two companies have demonstrated their support for us over the years, but this most recent transport adds even more to their incredible work and totals.

Hollander moved more than 18,700 pounds of Apple Pear and Apple Strawberry GoGo Squeez non-perishable products to the Greater Chicago Food Depository.GoGo Squeeze-Hollander Storage and Moving Transport - 7-1-2021--7 (1).jpg

The food is desperately needed as almost half a million people in Cook County (downtown Chicago) are food insecure, while 1 in 10 people in the entire state of Illinois are struggling to put food on the table. Children experience hunger at a slightly higher rate in Illinois as almost 1 in 8 children experience food insecurity, which is why it is great that GoGo Squeez has donated so much of their product.

GoGo Squeez hasn’t just donated food in the Windy City, they’ve worked with a multitude of movers to transport food all over the country - from Los Angeles to New York and Dallas to Orlando, and much more. When the pandemic hit last year and millions of people were losing their jobs, GoGo Squeez donated more and more food to those in need. 

Ultimately, in 2020 GoGo Squeez donated food over 40 times to the total of 233,000 pounds of food (almost 195,000 meals in donations). Their largest single donation of 2020 was over 15,000 pounds, or more than 12,500 meals, in June which AAA Movers transported to The Food Group in Minneapolis, Minnesota. 

Hollander joined Move For Hunger back in 2016 and their all-time total is close to 50,000 pounds of food, which is equal to over 41,000 meals! So far this year they have already moved more than they did in 2020, so we cannot wait to see what other great moves they complete.  

Thank you GoGoSqueez and Hollander Storage & Moving Co.! Interested in taking part in the fight against food insecurity and food waste? You can help by starting a food drive, hosting a fundraiser, or donating