Chadwell Food Supply holds a Nationwide Summer Food Drive

October 25, 2021

Everyone loves food donations, correct? But what about 6 of them? That’s right! The Chadwell Supply Food Drive collected non-perishable food for multiple food banks in over 6 locations this summer including Texas, Missouri, North Carolina, Virginia, and Florida. 

The most donations came from Richmond, Virginia with 175 meals donated. Stewart Moving and Storage helped transport all of the food to the Central Virginia Food Bank. In Virginia, 1 in 11 people is food insecure while in Richmond County 31,450 people are food insecure.

The food drives started on August 18th and went all the way towards the 31st with over 767 pounds of food donated across the country. Combined with some donations, they’ve helped provide the equivalent of 2,600 meals to help feed those in need.

Chadwell Supply, a trusted Maintenence, Repair, and Operations (MRO) based in Tampa, Florida, is a current partner with Move For Hunger and has helped provide nearly 200,000 meals in the past two years. Chadwell also had recently sponsored our Multi-Family Webinar this year highlighting Move For Hunger’s impact in the multi-family community! 

With their most recent food drive, Chadwell Supply helped take a small bite out of ending hunger. We are so glad and thankful to have been a part of this event. Want to learn more about how to stop hunger? Visit our Food Drive page to learn more!