Caroo Donates 15,000 Pounds of Food to Philadelphia Food Bank

November 5, 2020

Throughout 2020, many individuals were affected by Covid-19 and more than 50 million individuals experienced food insecurity. Although a lot of things seemed difficult to accomplish with everything being virtual, some people made it their duty to step to the front line and partnered with us in donating food items to local food banks. 

In October, Total Quality Logistics (TQL) transported 15,000 pounds (12,000 lbs) of food through their TQL Cares department. The food was donated from Caroo (formerly known as SnackNation) and was transported from Pennsylvania to the Touch NJ Food Pantry located in Camden, NJ (just across the river from Philadelphia. 

TQL, a logistic company, has made volunteering and giving back to the community a part of their agenda and goals. Giving back to the community a major part of their company by establishing TQL Cares which explores volunteer opportunities for the organization.  They participate in many fundraisers and partner with several non-profits throughout the country. TQL is the captain of 124 charities, has donated over 2 million dollars, and helped over 3000 non-profit organizations all over the country. 

In addition to TQL, Caroo is a company that creates delicious healthy snack bundles for families, offices, and more. Caroo made the decision to donate any leftover food that they had to give to a local food pantry. 

In the Philadelphia and South Jersey area there are more than 676,000 individuals who suffer from limited access to food and 86% of the population lives below poverty. 

TQL makes it a priority to make a difference and this is not their first time connecting with Move For Hunger. Earlier in 2020, TQL was able to move several pounds of food which equals almost 15,000 meals. In total, TQL has aided in relocating almost 30,000 meals to local communities and food pantries with Move For Hunger. Even during a pandemic, TQL dedicated some of its time to fight against hunger. There were 30,000 more meals available for families in need which is huge and crucial during a time like Covid-19. 

Every little donation counts and you can also host a food drive to impact someone’s life.