Boy Scouts of America donates more than 60,000 meals during ‘Scouting For Food’ Food Drive

January 17, 2022

The Boy Scouts of America were at it again with their annual ‘Scouting For Food’ Food Drive in November. The event is held in six different counties in the San Francisco Bay Area and donates the collections to eight different food banks throughout those counties. Last year, they collected over 49,500lbs of food and received more than $22,800 in donations providing nearly 100,000 meals to food-insecure communities.

Scouting for FoodMove For Hunger helps out with the troop that collects food in Alameda County, California, the home of the city of Oakland. The Boy Scouts collected more than 71,800lbs of donations, equalling nearly 60,000 meals, for the Alameda County Community Food Bank.

Thanks to Gentle Giant Moving Company - San Francisco, Chipman Relocation & Logistics, and NorthStar Moving - San Francisco for all of your hard work transporting the donations!

Gentle Giant Moving Company, a national moving company headquartered in Somerville, Massachusetts, has been partnering with Move For Hunger since 2015. Since joining our network, they’ve transported more than 794,000lbs of donations, equalling over 660,000 meals for food-insecure families.

NorthStar Moving - San Francisco, a full-service moving and storage company based in California, joined Move For Hunger’s network in 2018. Since joining, they’ve transported over 30,500lbs, equalling more than 25,000 meals, to food banks in the San Francisco Bay Area.

Chipman Relocation, a full-service mover, storage, and logistics company based in Alameda, California, transported more than 42,800lbs of donations, equalling more than 35,600 meals.

In California, more than four million people are food insecure, with over 1.2 million (1 in 7) being children. In Alameda County alone, nearly 140,000 people are food insecure, with over 34,000 children not sure where their next meal will come from.

Want to get involved in the fight against hunger? There’s plenty for you to do! Join our network as a mover, or host your own food drive or fundraiser!