August 2020 Mover of the Month: Bayshore Moving & Storage

September 14, 2020

Each month, we highlight one of our moving companies in our network for their extraordinary commitment to fighting hunger in their community. We are excited to announce that Bayshore Moving & Storage has been named our Mover of the Month for August 2020!

Bayshore Moving & Storage has been a longtime partner of Move For Hunger since 2011. They were the first moving company to collect over one million pounds of food, an amazing milestone. Now during the COVID-19 pandemic, where rescuing and transporting food is so necessary, they have once again stepped up to help. 

During the month of August, Bayshore Moving & Storage assisted in two statewide food distributions that delivered over ONE MILLION pounds of food in ONE MONTH! This food was distributed to various sites across the state of Delaware to help feed those that need it most.

We are so proud to announce that due to these transports, Bayshore is the first moving partner of ours EVER to deliver over two million pounds of food. They have fed over 1.6 million people to date. This is an incredible milestone!

We are so proud of Bayshore Moving & Storage for their continued dedication to our cause. We can’t begin to thank them enough for all of their support throughout the years. Now is the time more than ever that we need passionate moving partners like them. Congratulations Bayshore Moving & Storage on two million pounds and for being our August 2020 Mover of the Month!

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