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Armbruster Moving and Storage Flexes New Truck Wrap at GLRC Truck Pull

August 15, 2022

GLRCClevelandTruckPull2022-98-min.JPGArmbruster Moving and Storage, an agent for Mayflower Van Lines, and the Greater Lakes Relocation Council partnered with Move For Hunger to host a truck pull at the Great Lakes Relocation Conference (GLRC) to raise awareness for the over 38 million food insecure people in America. The lively event raised over 53,000 meals for those in need.

The truck pull, a Move For Hunger signature event, took place in Cleveland, Ohio at The Flats East Bank. In a truck pull, teams of about 10 people pull a rope attached to a moving truck 100 feet across the finish line. Whichever team is able to pull the truck in the quickest time wins bragging rights and an awesome trophy!

The winning team of the truck pull was the Cleveland Police Department - D4 with an incredible time of just under 15 seconds. Second place went to Mortgage Hall of Famers with a 15.01 second time, and third place was the Armbruster team at 16.2 seconds!GLRCClevelandTruckPull2022-304-min.JPG

Just in time for the event, Armbruster Moving and Storage, located in Brunswick, Ohio, completed their first truck wrap! This is the first truck wrap of several completed as part of Mayflower’s partnership with Move For Hunger. Armbruster has been a dedicated member of Move For Hunger’s network since 2012. Since joining the network, they’ve helped provide over 18,700 meals to those in need. 

“We truly believe in community. We believe in investing in our local community by making our local community a better place for all,” said Gus GLRCClevelandTruckPull2022-142-min.JPGArmbruster, Business Development Manager. “Move For Hunger aligns with our beliefs and allows us to directly utilize our assets (truck and people) to transport food to those in need in our local community. We also believe in minimizing our waste footprint. Being a good neighbor means reaching out with a helping hand when times are tough and that is why we partnered with Move For Hunger - to offer that helping hand to those in our community who are food insecure.”

We’re incredibly thankful for the sponsors and supporting sponsors of the event: GLRC, Kroger, Armbruster Moving and Storage, Rocket Mortgage, National Corporate Housing, Adam Klein, Eric Stine, Diane Ayers, Punch Bowl Social, and Beerhead. A huge thank you as well goes out to all of the participants who made this an awesome event, and The Flats East Bank for providing the space for the event to happen. Make sure to check out the pictures from the event here (and give us a follow while you’re there)!

Interested in working with Move For Hunger? Join our mover network or host an event for your company!