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4 Tips for a Successful College Food Drive

July 31, 2017

Just because you're a busy college student doesn't mean you don't have the power to make a change. Here are 4 tips to consider if you want to start a food drive at your college or university.

Talk With Your Professors About Setting up Boxes in their Classrooms: Many professors teach multiple classes a day, so setting up a box to put non-perishable food in their classroom will allow students from all their classes to donate the next time they come in for class. It ultimately makes your food drive visible to students and faculty.

Contact your School's Television or Radio Station: To get the word out about your food drive either on campus or in the local community, contacting your school's TV or radio station is a great idea. Just provide them with information such as what food you want to collect and the dates in which the food drive is, and they can do a live-read on the air which can be broadcast to anyone listening in the area.

Reach out to Dining Halls and Restaurants on Campus: Some of the dining halls or restaurants on campus may have an extra surplus of food that was not bought that would have otherwise been thrown out for the day. If so, you can certainly collect that food for your food drive as long as you have permission.

Get Clubs and Greek Life on Campus to Participate: Getting a variety of clubs as well as Greek Life to actively participating in your food drive will allow you to collect even more food. Due to the fact that Greek life and campus clubs have events of their own, providing a box to collect non-perishable foods at these events can certainly help the cause. Just reach out to them, as many organizations are always happy to help.

Start planning your food drive today!