Acadiana Movers Celebrates Mardi Gras by Holding a Food Drive

April 1, 2019

Acadiana Movers celebrated Mardi Gras this year by holding a food drive! The Lafayette, LA movers asked for donations of red beans and rice to help provide meals for the 388,000 people in the greater New Orleans area who don't always have enough to eat.

Why red beans and rice? Well, for starters, they are the staple ingredients of the classic New Orleans dish. But, and perhaps more importantly, rice and beans are two of the most highly-requested items by food banks because they are great sources of protein and fiber.

Nearly 1,000 lbs. of food was collected over the course of 3 weeks, which is enough to provide more than 800 meals! Acadiana Movers personally delivered all of the donations to the FoodNet Food Bank.

Since joining our network in 2015, Acadiana Movers has collected 48,600 lbs. of food for people struggling with food insecurity in the communities they serve. Thank you to Jill Potier and te rest of the team at Acadiana Movers for helping to provide meals for your neighbors in need!

There's no better time to fight hunger than right now! Let's hold a food drive in your community this spring!