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Updater Prepares to Tackle the Tunnel to Towers 5K!

September 20, 2016

Our runner highlight is a group of dedicated individuals from one of our most involved partners, Updater. A relocation technology company, Updater specializes in all organizational aspects of the moving process. From changing addresses to updating DMV records, Updater can help make a move smooth and seamless. In addition to their company wide support of Move For Hunger, Updater Marketing Director Jenna Weinerman recently joined our Board of Directors. Now, this amazing team of creative runners and walkers are ready to take on the Tunnel to Towers 5K on Sunday September 25 and turn some serious miles into meals! Take a look at these rockstars from Updater:


Jenna Weinerman – Marketing Director

Updater_Logo-500x241.pngJenna’s running motto? “If you want to run with me, you better be prepared to walk a lot.” A casual runner, Jenna prefers to look at the flowers rather than go for a personal record. Obviously a proud supporter of Move For Hunger, this Board Member is excited to run this race for two great causes that are close to her heart, both professionally and personally.


Lauren Berry – Success Manager

In Lauren’s own words – “After meeting Adam and the Move For Hunger team at this year’s AMSA conference, I knew that I wanted be involved and help this incredible organization. Even though I haven’t run a mile since middle school PE, I downloaded a running app and started training for the Stephen Siller Tunnel to Towers 5K. I am so thrilled that our team has rallied behind Move For Hunger’s push to end food insecurity and Updater’s support in their funds matching campaign.” 


Amanda Fischer – Marketing Manager

Amanda first started participating in Tunnel to Towers race with her college soccer team 10 years ago, calling it, “the most inspiring event she’s ever been a part of.” A lifelong soccer player, Amanda is no stranger to running and runs regularly, though the Tunnel to Towers is the only 5K race she’s ever run.


Raj Doshi – Senior Vice President, Sales

Another long-time runner, Raj has been running for about 10 years but this is only his second race. When asked about this event, Raj is “excited to help Updater raise money for such a great cause. I love what Move for Hunger does because it gives people such an easy opportunity to make a difference in their communities by donating food that would otherwise go to waste.”


Landis Fraser – Client Success Manager

Landis is no stranger to races, as a two time marathon runner (NYC & Chicago Marathons) she’s got the drive to go the distance. A food and fitness and fanatic, Landis has unfortunately been sidelined with an injury but is exicted to get back in the race with the Updater Team. In addition, Landis is a tireless supporter of fighting hunger, being a past supporter of  the Atlanta Community Foodbank and Food Bank for New York City, she’s thrilled to see Move For Hunger tackle the issue nationwide.


Zach Barrett – Director of Operations

Another distance runner, Zach also has some endurance races under his belt. He’s run a half marathon in 2011 and also runs regularly, as he finds it’s very meditative for daily exercise. This is actually Zach’s first interaction with Move For Hunger and he’s very excited to help the cause!


Gretchen Altman – Product Manager

With a passion for walking, Gretchen started at an early age – 10 months to be exact. A self proclaimed “walk-a-holic,” Gretchen is excited to walk and turn her miles into meals with the rest of the Team!


Patrick Mowrer – Lead Engineer

Having learned to love running over the last five years, Patrick no longer thinks of it as torture (treadmillls are a different story though). After running the Electric Run in 2013 and joining a group in Central Park, he finds his favorite spot is the West Side Highway in the evening. Patrick had never heard of Move For Hunger until the involvement with this race, but loves the idea of tackling food waste and hunger through the relocation industry.