October 2018 Mover of the Month: Lighthouse Movers

November 15, 2018

Each month, we highlight one of the moving companies in our network for their extraordinary commitment to fighting hunger in their community. We are excited to announce that Lighthouse Movers has been named our Mover of the Month for October 2018!

In September, Hurricane Florence dropped more than 30 inches of rain throughout the southeastern United States. Just a few weeks later, Hurricane Michael ripped through a region that had only just begun the recovery process. Thousands of homes were destroyed. The storms caused an estimated $1.3 million in agricultural damages. Dozens of lives were lost.

It was only a year earlier that the crew from Lighthouse Movers was dealing with the fallout from Hurricane Irma. After that storm, they weren't able to use their office for 6 months. The Jacksonville, Florida moving company remembered how grateful they were for the assistance their community received, and they knew they had to pay it forward.

In the days following Hurricane Florence, Lighthouse Movers partnered with a number of Jacksonville media outlets, including Action News Jax, News 104.5 WOKV, HOT 99.5, 95.1 WAPE, X106.5 and Power 106.1, who encouraged their audience to donate bottled water for victims of the storm. More than 57,750 lbs. of water was donated by the Jacksonville community, enough to fill four of Lighthouse Movers' box trucks. The Convoy of Care, as they called it, then made the 4+ hour drive to the Harvest Hope Food Bank in Columbia, SC. When Hurricane Michael struck, Lighthouse Movers responded again, this time sending 32,400 lbs. of bottled water -- two truckloads -- to the Food Bank.

"Our customers are especially aware of the needs of our neighbors because of the major hurricanes we've had within our regular delivery areas," said Carl Sheffield, General Manager of Lighthouse Movers. "They have been more than generous, and have donated beyond what we ever expected."

Lighthouse Movers is a relatively new member of our network, having signed on back in February of 2016. Asking a customer to donate a few non-perishable items on moving day may not seem like much at the time, but incorporating charitable giving into your day-to-day routine has a cumulative effect. It shapes the culture of your organization. And when a tragedy like this strikes, you're prepared and ready to take action.

"Joining Move For Hunger has raised the awareness of all our staff of the needs in the community and how the efforts of a few can help the many," Sheffield said. "It's often surprising what an impact our small efforts can make."

This, however, was anything but a small effort, and that's why Lighthouse Movers was the obvious choice for this month's award. Thank you to Carl and the rest of the Lighthouse Movers crew for organizing such a heroic haul!

In addition to the award, Lighthouse Movers will also be receiving a special gift from Victory Packaging and Move For Hunger truck decals for their entire fleet.

Congratulations to Lighthouse Movers on this much-deserved recognition!

Are you in the relocation industry? You can join the Move For Hunger network today. Doing good is good for business!

There are a number of ways to fight hunger in your community. Get started today!