Food Drive Ideas for the Summer Months

June 14, 2017

As the end of the school year approaches, students across the country are anxiously anticipating the start of their summer vacation. Not everyone can afford to be excited about the end of the school year, however. Hunger doesn't take a vacation. In fact, the need is greatest during the summer months. Low-income students are no longer receiving free or reduced-cost breakfast and lunch at school, and families need to look elsewhere to replace those meals. Foods banks, meanwhile, typically see a drop in donations this time of year. Now is the time to take action and fight hunger in your community by hosting a food drive.

Not sure where to begin? Here are a few ideas for summer food drives:

BBQ food food drive- Grilling is a staple summer time activity, so why not grill and give (give back that is)? Host a barbecue and ask everyone to bring non-perishable food items that would typically be found at a barbecue.

Christmas in July food drive: Just because Christmas is 6 months away doesn't mean we can't still get festive and excited for the holiday season! Ask people to bring non-perishable food items that may typically be found during the winter months, such as soups, canned vegetables, stuffing, and instant mashed potatoes. Include fun incentives to encourage people to attend. Maybe you can bake Christmas cookies or screen your favorite holiday movie!

Shark Week food driveFor many, binge-watching the Discovery Channel's annual "Shark Week" in July is a staple of summertime. Take advantage of this incredibly popular event by holding a canned tuna food drive. Tuna is one of the most highly-requested items by food banks because of its high protein content. 

Beach house food drive: Most beach houses are fully stocked for a fun and adventurous summer. At the end of the season (in August and September), host a food drive encouraging beach house owners to donate their excess non-perishable food rather than throwing it away.

Summer camp food drive: Organize a food drive at your local summer camp. Near the end of the summer, ask campers to collect donations of peanut butter and jelly to help provide lunches for kids when school is back in session.

We are the food drive experts, and we would love to help you plan your event. Join our fight against hunger by hosting a food drive this summer!

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