Commercial Carpet Logistics, A-One Moving Deliver Big Donation From Kraft Heinz

May 21, 2020

Earlier this month, two members of the Move For Hunger network delivered more than 125,000 lbs. of food, which was generously donated by Kraft Heinz, to food banks in Maryland and Pennsylvania.

Feeding America estimates that an additional 17 million people in the United States will face hunger this year as the result of the COVID-19 pandemic. Meanwhile, we are hearing reports every day of farmers and food manufacturers who have product that they'd like to donate, but don't have the ability to get it to the people who need it most. We have always believed that collaboration is critical to fighting hunger, and it took the work or multiple non-profits & businesses to make this food rescue a reality.

MEANS Database is an online network that connects organizations that have excess food to donate with food banks/pantries who need it. In early April, they asked Move For Hunger if we could connect them with a moving company in Maryland that would be able to pick up dozens of pallets of product from Kraft-Heinz's warehouse in Hurlock. 

A-One Moving- Food Connect- Caring For Friends- Food Transport 2020 (6).jpgOur first volunteer was one of the newest members of our network, A-One Moving of Chester, MD, who picked up nearly 8,000 lbs. of food and delivered it to Caring For Friends food bank in Philadelphia. A-One joined Move For Hunger back in January, and this massive donation was their first delivery.

Then, we received a phone call from Commerical Carpet Logistics (CCL), a Maryland trucking company that services the flooring industry. CCL had received an email from the Maryland Motor Truck Association about Move For Hunger, and they wanted to volunteer their trucks and drivers to support our COVID-19 relief efforts. Shortly thereater, CCL picked up more than 119,000 lbs. of iced tea mix from Kraft Heinz and delivered it to the SHARE Food Program.

CommercialCarpetLogisticsDelivery2020_2.jpg“The pickup for Kraft Foods was only about 40 minutes from our terminal and we set it up with Share Food in Philadelphia and it went off [perfectly],” CCL's Executive Vice President, Cassie Sealing told Freight Waves. “It was such a great experience. We want to inspire other carriers to get involved."

This was a perfect example of why collaboration is so important. Although CCL isn't a traditional moving company, they have the capacity to help and a willingness to support our mission. Without the team at MEANS Database, we may not have had an opportunity for them to get involved immediately. And because everything was so easy, Sealing said that CCL wants to continue to help.

"If I can turn my efforts to giving back, I suddenly feel encouraged, I feel renewed. I needed the opportunity to give back, to help Move For Hunger, and it is inspiring to me in our own business.”

The COVID-19 Pandemic has left a massive economic impact and has drastically increased the need for emergency food assistance nationwide. Move For Hunger is actively searching for ways to meet the demand, but we're going to need your help.

If you can, please consider making a donation to Move For Hunger. With your support, we'll be able to rapidly respond and mobilize our network in communities across the United States and Canada.