Can you believe it’s already the end of the year? (We can’t either!) 2023 has flown by, and it’s been an incredible year full of support from our partners and network.

Unfortunately, hunger is on the rise. Food insecurity is the worst it's been in the past decade. There are over 44 million Americans who face hunger every day, with 13 million children (1 in 5) not knowing where their next meal will come from. Move For Hunger is rising to the occasion to help combat this by transporting more meals than ever before - over 6 million meals in a single year. 

With the holiday season quickly approaching, many organizations and individuals are beginning to consider making end-of-year donations to their favorite charities. Not only are these donations typically tax deductible for the organization or individual, but they also help nonprofit organizations keep doing what they do best - helping others.

Giving during the end of the year doesn’t have to be all about making a one-time donation - here are 12 ways you can give back to Move For Hunger throughout the end of the year:


1. Make a donation!

The most straightforward way to give back is to make a monetary donation. This can be done through our website, via check, or even through PayPal

 A donation of just $100 will provide us with the resources we need to provide 253 meals to families who are facing hunger throughout this holiday season.


2. Double your donation with a matching gift!

Many companies encourage their employees to support charities, like Move For Hunger, and offer to match their donations. This is an easy way to increase your impact and help us rescue even more food!  

Use the search tool here to see if your company participates and has a matching gift policy.


3. Make it a monthly gift & join our sustaining Donor network

Hunger is a year-round problem, and our monthly donors are committed to providing meals on a regular basis. No amount is too small. Plus enjoy some special perks for being part of the club! Click here to learn more


4. Use the round-up app!

Want an easy way to donate without having to think about it? Use the Round-Up app! Automatically donate your leftover "change" from credit and debit card purchases to Move For Hunger. Click here to get started.


5. Donate Stock

Let your charitable dollars make a more significant impact by donating long-term appreciated securities, such as publicly traded stock, bonds, or mutual fund shares, to Move For Hunger, Inc. Stock donations can also be used to endow an annual gift or establish a planned gift.

Instead of selling your investments and donating the after-tax cash proceeds, donating stock to Move For Hunger, Inc. increases your gift and tax deductions. A gift of stock made before December 31 of a calendar year may reduce your tax burden for the year you give. Your financial advisor can explain the possible tax benefits depending on whether the stock has appreciated or lost value since you acquired it. Download the form here to get started

6. Donate Cryptocurrency.

Yep, that’s right - we accept crypto! Fighting hunger requires innovative solutions, so as of 2022, Move For Hunger is accepting crypto to allow you to make an impact. Your donation will go towards our food recovery and hunger relief programs. 

Every $100 USD worth of donated crypto provides 253 meals to those in need. You can learn more or donate here.


7. Partner with Move for Hunger.

We can't win the fight against hunger alone - Move For Hunger has an incredible network of partners in the transportation, relocation, and multifamily industries! With over 1,100 moving companies, including many of the world’s leading relocation management companies, and more than 3,000 multifamily apartment communities, we’re able to make an impact in every state in America (as well as several provinces in Canada). 

Want to join our incredible network and become a hunger fighting hero? Sign up here.


8. Get your company involved.

Move For Hunger provides socially-responsible companies with a number of opportunities to reduce food waste and fight hunger. It doesn't matter whether you work for a large corporation or a small business, Move For Hunger can help you organize an event that will make an impact in your community.

From ArCANtectures to Truck Pulls to Can the CEO events, we collaborate with you to create a unique volunteer experience for your employees that closely aligns with your values. Learn more about corporate volunteering here.


9. Donate through a Donor Advised Fund.

First things first - what is a Donor Advised Fund? A Donor Advised Fund (DAF) is a centralized philanthropic giving vehicle that provides individuals, families, and corporations with immediate tax benefits and the flexibility to support charities like Move For Hunger.

Donor Advised Funds are easy to keep up with, tax efficient, and a great way to establish family legacy. Learn more about donor advised funds here.


10. Leave a legacy gift

To become a member of the Legacy Society is easy, simply include Move For Hunger in your legacy giving plans, and then let us know! 

By becoming a member, you join a distinguished group of individuals who are passionate about our mission and dedicated to making a difference for generations to come. Through a planned gift, you can shape a brighter future for our organization, ensuring that our vital work continues long into the future. Click here to learn more


11. Turn your miles into meals by Joining Team Move For Hunger.

Love to run? Have a Turkey Trot coming up or Hot Chocolate run? Team Move For Hunger is a national network of runners and walkers who dedicate their performance in endurance events – from 5Ks to ultramarathons – to the 38 million Americans who are struggling to find their next meal.

The funds raised by the Team will provide Move For Hunger with the resources we need to organize food drives, coordinate food rescues, and expand our network.

You can view our race calendar here or choose your own race like your local Turkey Trot - sign up to be part of the team here!


12. Host a fundraiser!

Get your entire community or workplace involved by hosting a fundraiser to support Move For Hunger! The proceeds from your fundraiser will provide Move For Hunger with the resources we need to organize food drives, coordinate food rescues, raise awareness about hunger & food waste, and expand our network.

Sign up to host a fundraiser here! You can also host a fundraiser on Facebook to reach an even larger audience (might as well go ahead and make sure you’re following our Facebook page while you’re there!! 


13. Honor someone you love by making a donation in their name.

Making a donation to Move For Hunger in honor or memory of a loved one can be a very special gift. A donation of just $100 will provide us with the resources we need to provide 253 meals to families who are facing hunger throughout this holiday season.


14. Order some swag!

Want to rock your Move For Hunger pride, raise awareness for our organization, and support hungry families? Check out this link to find apparel, bags, accessories, and more.