Unigroup Conference Hosts ArCANtecture Event with Move For Hunger to Fight Hunger

May 3, 2022

This past March, team members of Move For Hunger headed to the Unigroup Conference in St. Louis, Missouri to host one of our famous ArCANtecture competitions!

ArCANtecture is a team-building event hosted by Move For Hunger, where employees of an organization create structures out of cans ofUnigroupConference2022Arcantecture-Mayflower-32.jpeg food. These structures are judged based on creativity, the amount of food used, and the stability of the design. The winning team receives medals and secures bragging rights for the rest of the year! The food used to create the structures is then donated to a food bank of the winning team’s choice.

A huge congrats to the winning team for this event, Team Truckers! Their award is a donation of over 6,000 meals, made by Unigroup on their behalf, to their food bank of choice. 

UnigroupConference2022Arcantecture-Mayflower-17.jpegThe other competition winners were Sisters United for Most Creative, Team Schroeder for Most Structurally Sound, and Team Hangry (Unigroup IT) for Best Use of Food!

Mayflower Van Lines, the nation’s most recognized and trusted moving company and part of the Unigroup family, recently partnered with Move For Hunger to fight food insecurity across the nation. Since becoming part of the Move For Hunger network, Mayflower has transported nearly 1 million pounds of donations throughout the United States!

In Missouri, more than 800,000 people are food insecure - thank you to the Unigroup Conference for giving us the chance to showcase our mission and make an impact on food insecure communities! We look forward to working together again!