From the world shutting down in 2020, to a slow, but eagerly anticipated, reopening throughout 2021, the Multifamily Program at Move For Hunger has demonstrated adaptability and growth in amazing ways. 2021 has easily been one of the most impactful years for our Multifamily network.

Residents, on-site teams, and leadership alike have stepped up to the challenge to fight hunger and have collected almost DOUBLE the amount of meals from 2020 to 2021. The Multifamily Program itself nearly tripled in size throughout 2021, engaging more than 600,000 apartment units around the issues of hunger and food waste.


The Numbers

Throughout last year, our Multifamily network collected and delivered over 150,000lbs of food donations, exceeding our goal and marking the highest amount of donations collected in the Multifamily Program ever. This equals more than 125,000 meals provided to food insecure communities across the United States and Canada.

Additionally, the network grew by more than 1,400 new communities joining us in the fight against hunger, pushing the number of participating communities to over 2,500!


2021 Community of the YearMeridian at Stanford Ranch FPI EV Raffle FD 2021- Trick or Can Nissan Leaf Giveaway powered by Chargie 2021 -- 1 (1).jpg

Every year, Move For Hunger picks one property that stood out from the crowd and awards them as Community of the Year. In 2021, that property was The Meridian at Stanford Ranch.

The first FPI Management property to win Community of the Year, The Meridian at Stanford Ranch, located in Rocklin, California, also participated in another first for Move For Hunger in 2021 by hosting the first-ever Trick or Can Nissan Leaf Giveaway.

The Trick or Can Giveaway Food Drive collected more than 9,500 lbs of food, equalling nearly 8,000 meals, making this the largest food drive ever in our Multifamily program!


Looking Ahead

Our Multifamily team has hit the ground running this year, growing exponentially internally and externally. Excited to be back on the road again from a long two years of canceled events, look out for the team at conferences, engagement events, and tradeshows across the country - and make sure to say hi (our Director of Multifamily Partnerships, Bridget, loves to make new friends)!

The team is also gearing up for some of our upcoming food drives and fundraisers, like our Spring into Action Food Drives, Earth Day Food Drives, and Shark Week in July!


Meet the Team

While the program has been growing externally, there’s also been a great deal of internal growth as well. In 2021, the Multifamily Team grew from 2 to 5 team members.

Bridget Foley Head Shot 300x300

Bridget Foley, CHES, is the Director of Multifamily Partnerships at Move For Hunger. She’s been with Move For Hunger for 4 years, and loves being able to connect to individuals in the Multifamily industry who would otherwise not think about hunger and food insecurity. 

“The energy and passion of the Move For Hunger Multifamily program network is unmatched and makes my day seeing all of the hard work our volunteers bring to our organization,” Bridget says. “The Multifamily team has been able to make a network of philanthropic industry leaders who are making a difference every day in their communities.”

Fun Fact: Bridget collects spoons from each state she travels to! She currently has 20 spoons in her collection and is eager to continue adding to it.


Stephanie De La Hoz is the Program Director for Move For Hunger. Stephanie is a highly anticipated addition to the team, and has done an amazing job in her short time in the role. 

“Move For Hunger has formed a wonderful team that is passionate about ending hunger and finding innovative and sustainable ways to rescue food and feed people,” says Stephanie. “Being able to engage others in opportunities to give back is truly a privilege. Access to food is a basic human right and it's rewarding to know that there are more people who are getting their basic needs met as a result of our work and awesome network of supporters.”

Fun Fact: Stephanie has traveled to 4 of the Great Wonders! She hopes to one day make it all 7 though.


Kara D’Antoni is the other returning member of the team and the Senior Program Manager of the Multi-Family Program. She’s into her third year as part of the Move For Hunger family! She loves creating new opportunities for those in the Multifamily industry to recuse food, especially since the amount of potential food wastes through residents moving out of their apartments on a yearly or even monthly basis.

“I love that we have the opportunity to educate others on the intersectionality of hunger and help make a deeper impact on the food insecurity crisis,” says Kara.

Fun Fact: Kara loves Zumba!

Ruth Solomon is also a new addition to the team, taking on the role as West Coast Transportation Coordinator (she’s also our resident chef and helped us create this awesome zero waste tomato and veggie soup recipe!).

Ruth says “I love Move For Hunger because the energy of the team is unmatched. I love our ability to reach so many folks in the Multifamily industry to help recover food and donate it locally for those in the community who are underserved.”

Fun Fact: Ruth can lick her elbow!



Anna Sostarecz is one of the newer faces on the team and has taken on the role of East Coast Transportation Coordinator. With a background in food waste, they love the opportunities to collaborate towards reducing food waste and food insecurity!

“Food intrinsically connects people to each other, to their communities, and to the earth and I love being able to do work that strengthens those connections,” says Anna.

Fun Fact: Anna covered over 13,000 miles and 20+ U.S. National Parks in a road trip after college!


Jennifer Padilla is the newest face on the Multifamily team, and has taken on the role of Multifamily Engagement Manager. Jennifer works closely with Bridget and joined Move For Hunger because of the impact Move For Hunger is making in local communities through an engaged industry-wide network.

"From the movers and vendors to the stellar on-site teams, and the wonderful residents - we are all working together to bring awareness to food insecurity and assist those in need," says Jennifer.

Fun Fact: Jennifer comes from an extensive background in property management, where she's spent 20+ years in various roles!

Join the Network

People throw away a lot of things when they move, including perfectly good food. 
With 42 million Americans facing hunger each day, including 1 in 6 children, there's no reason any food should go to waste. 

Team up with Move For Hunger to make sure every resident has the opportunity to donate their food when they move!