Ramar Moving Systems Finds a Creative Solution to Host Annual Food Drive During Pandemic

December 3, 2020

Even when the pandemic happens and doors are shutting all around them, Ramar Moving Systems, Inc, a United agent, continues to push forward. The moving company based out of Frederick, Maryland has been hosting an annual food drive for the past several years. Because the pandemic has turned everything upside down, they decided not to host a food drive this year out of an abundance of caution. Instead, they purchased $1,000 worth of food to the fight against hunger. The donation bought them 750 pounds of food (625 meals) which was then donated to the Frederick Rescue Mission. 

There are 22,000 people in Frederick County that considered food insecure. Due to the pandemic, that number is expected to rise nearly 50% leaving over 50 million Americans struggling to put food on the table. 

Ramar has chipped away at the number in their local community by transporting over 6,000 lbs of food since they joined Move For Hunger back in 2012. As a long-standing member of Move For Hunger, we appreciate all that they do and their commitment to the cause. 

Want to be a part of Move For Hunger? Consider joining our mover network or make a donation