November 2020 Mover of the Month: Mid-West Moving & Storage

December 15, 2020

Each month we like to award and recognize one member of Mover Network for their incredible work in their local community, and for November, we’d like to recognize Mid-West Moving & Storage as our winner. 

We all here that consistency is important in life, and the same could be said for food transportation. Since September, Mid-West Moving & Storage, a National Van Lines agent, has been delivering 2,000 lbs of food almost every week from the Heartland Alliance to local food pantries in the Chicago area. In November, they stepped it up even more with 6 different transports throughout the month totaling 10,111 lbs of food (8,400 meals). 

One in 10 people in Cook County (Chicago) and then 1 in about 13 people in the surrounding suburbs are considered food insecure - a total of about 1 million people. That number is estimated to dramatically increase due to the effects of COVID-19. 

Since joining Move For Hunger in 2014, Mid-West Moving & Storage has delivered over 48,000 lbs of food which equals over 40,000 meals to a variety of food banks and pantries in the Chicagoland area. 

All of the food they have delivered over the years has been going a long way in the fight against hunger. Want to join Move For Hunger? Learn more about our Mover Network or start your own food drive or fundraiser