Hunger in America Summit 2021

April 6, 2021

Move For Hunger curated a virtual forum to facilitate a dialogue on food scarcity and insecurity in the first Hunger in America Summit - 'How the Nation's Leading Organizations are Meeting the Need Post-Pandemic'. Top experts and panelists discussed the current state of hunger in America and equitable and sustainable solutions to re-build post-pandemic. 
In 2020 as the pandemic was at its peak, many people came together to form brilliant solutions like our fantastic panelists did. Move For Hunger had to adapt to the increasing number of Americans who became food insecure due to the pandemic's financial losses. Now that the end is in sight, it is vital to make a plan to rebuild a food secure post-pandemic America.
"We're excited that we have secured a powerhouse of leading experts from around the country to educate others on food insecurity and help plan for a better future," says Executive Director and Founder of Move For Hunger, Adam Lowy. "Before the pandemic, 37 million Americans were food insecure. That number has grown to 42 million who face food insecurity. The idea of getting back to "normal" isn't an option because the old normal wasn't good enough. This virtual summit is about collaboration and how we can address the growing need together."


Click below to watch the full hour-long panel:


 The speakers of the summit include: 

Adam Lowy

Executive Director and Founder of Move For Hunger


Rebecca Middleton

Chief Advocacy & Engagement Officer of World Food Program USA

Rebecca Middleton.jpg


Regi Young

Chief Strategy Officer of the Houston Food Bank



Clancy Cash Harrison

MS, RDN, FAND Founder of The Food Dignity® Project, TEDx Speaker, Author, Registered Dietitian

Clancy Cash Harrison-Headshot.jpg


The moderator of the summit is:

Christy Duncan Anderson

Executive Director of The Albertsons Company Foundation

Christy Duncan-Anderson headshot.gif


The summit will educate attendees on the ever-changing landscape of hunger and how to build a solid and supported post-pandemic America through the lens of food insecurity. Attendees will learn how both food insecurity affects cities across the U.S. but also how much the pandemic has affected food insecurity in our country as a whole. This event will give the speakers, sponsors, panelists, and attendees a chance to connect, ask questions, discuss these topics and learn how they can make an impact. 
Each panelist will explore a variety of topics. Some of these areas of food insecurity include combating global hunger, helping your local community, addressing the fundamental causes and effects of food insecurity, making healthy food accessible, food waste in America, policy changes that impact food insecurity, and much more.
If you want to learn about food scarcity and hunger in America and how you can help your local community fight against food insecurity, then take the first step by registering to join us for the Hunger in America Summit.