Arizona Mover’s Association Food Drive Donates Nearly 19,000 Meals to Local Food Banks

May 27, 2022

Throughout March, the Arizona Moving Association hosted a food drive with Move For Hunger, which was open to the members of the association. In total, 3 moving companies participated in the food drive, collecting more than 730lbs collaboratively, and 2 moving companies donated a total of $7,500 to aid in the fight against hunger!AZMA Food Drive 2022 - Camelback Moving.jpg 

Camelback Moving, based in Phoenix, AZ, collected the most amount of food, nearing 400lbs of donations. That will provide 330 meals to the   St. Mary’s Food Bank Alliance! Camelback also made a $5,000 check donation to Move For Hunger, which will provide 12,650 meals to food insecure communities! This was Camelback Moving’s first event with Move For Hunger, but we’re looking forward to seeing the impact of future collaborations!

Collecting the second-highest amount of donations was Gilbert Moving & Storage. Located in Mesa, AZ, they collected nearly 300lbs of food, providing almost 250 meals to Jacob’s Mission Community Center! This was also their first food drive with Move For Hunger, and we are so thankful for their help in providing to those in need!

 AZMA Food Drive 2022 - Just-In Time Moving & Storage - Donation-10.jpegHeavy Duty Heroes also collected donations to fight food insecurity in Gilbert, AZ! They collected more than 40lbs of donations for the United Food Bank. This will provide 35 meals, and we couldn’t be more excited for them to join us in the fight against hunger.

   Additionally, Just-In Time Moving & Storage donated a $2,500 check to Move For Hunger, providing more than 6,000 meals to local food   insecure communities. Just-In Time Storage has been part of our network since November of 2019, and has collected and transported nearly 2.5 million meals since!

The Arizona Moving Association (AZMA) was created out of necessity during the pandemic. COVID impacted many industries, including the moving industry. When COVID introduced dailyAZMA Food Drive 2022 - Gilbert Moving & Storage-2.jpeg changes to operations and procedures, Arizona moving companies started reaching out to each other for ideas on how to still operate under the ever-evolving conditions and mandates. 

They helped each other find gloves, masks, and sanitizer, and brainstormed on policy changes. As the conditions of COVID worsened they rallied together as allies benefiting from the collaboration. Forming an Arizona Moving Association was a natural next step. With the challenges of COVID dissipating, the AZMA is furthering its mission to advocate, educate, and collaborate for successful moving operations in Arizona.

We are so thankful for the AZMA and the moving companies that participated in the food drives. Every effort is needed, since over 900,000 people are considered food insecure in Arizona. If you would like to join the fight against hunger, you can join our moving network or host a food drive!