Make a Big Difference during the Big Game

Help us Tackle Hunger by turning Football Squares Pool with your coworkers or friends into a fundraiser. Either the night of or sometime before the big time, get the participants together in-person (or virtually) so everyone will have a chance to pick at least one box for a suggested donation of $10.00. All proceeds can benefit Move For Hunger or you can set up a 50/50 style fundraiser. 

Don't want to host your own fundraiser? Then join our Football Squares Pool! Learn more below. 

choose how you'll tackle hunger

Depending on what kind of fundraiser you're looking to host or your level of involvement, we have an option for you! Choose between the traditional offline or online football squares competition. If that seems like too much work then choose to join our own football squares 50/50 fundraiser where you can donate and possibly win half the pot!

traditional Fundraiser


Download all the assets you need to host your offline fundraiser. 

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Online Fundraiser

Set up an online pool  -- perfect to get busy friends or coworkers involved.

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Join Our Football Squares


Join our 50/50 fundraiser to keep things simple, make an impact, and have fun. 

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millions of americans & canadians are struggling with food insecurity

The pandemic and inflation have had a devastating economic impact and filled the lines at food banks and pantries across the country. More than 34 million Americans including 1 in 8 children are struggling with food insecurity and do not know where their next meal is coming from. 

For people of color and other minorities, the situation is even worse. Hunger disproportionately affects the Black population, the Latinx community, LGBTQ+ individuals, and more. 

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tackle hunger fundraiser

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