Food Drive Tip: Ending Your Food Drive the Right Way

September 15, 2016

Ending a food drive is almost as important as starting a food drive. Once you are done collecting food, don't forget to thank everyone who helped you and report back on your results.

  1. THANK EVERYONE WHO DONATES: It's important that everyone who donated food to your food drive feels appreciated. Whether they donated 1 can or 100 cans, make sure you say, thank you.
  2. REPORT YOUR RESULTS: Not only should you thank all of your donors, you should let them know how much food you collected. They helped you collect that much food, so let them celebrate the victory with you!
  3. SEND A PHOTO: A picture tells a thousand words...Make sure to get a photograph of you with all of your donated food. This photo is the perfect addition to a social media post, email, or text to thank all of your supporters.

If you work with Move For Hunger, we can help improve your 'end of food drive' follow-up. We always create a blog post after any of our food drives end to thank everyone involved and to share the good news. Why not send your supporters a link to our blog post about your food drive? That's a really #GoodMove!

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