Corporate ACTION Network

The Corporate Action Network's primary goal is to support Move For Hunger's mission to reduce food waste and fight hunger. Members of the Corporate Action Network serve as trusted advisers to our Executive Director, help recruit additional leaders to join our cause, integrate Move For Hunger into the relocation policies of the world's leading companies, and organize food drives/fundraisers throughout the year.

Erin Almand (Co-Chair)

Apple Moving
Dallas, TX

Rachel Guerin (Co-Chair)

The Agency RE
San Francisco, CA

Mark Bicocchi

Hilton Worldwide
Washington, DC

Julie Coleman

Houston, TX

Niamh Columb

Altair Global
Boston, MA

Ben Cross

Dallas-Fort Worth, TX

Lisa Fontana

Rocket Mortgage
Detroit, MI

Kate Houston

Ward North American
Texas, TX

Michael James

Nomad Temporary Housing
Cameron Park, CA

David Linton

First Tech Federal Credit Union
Dallas, TX

Tanya Mariottini

Greater Salt Lake City, UT

Shae Nettingham

Mars North America
Las Vegas, NV

Vini Valverde

Beaverton, OR

Sarah Yantifovich

General Mills
Minneapolis, MN

Jordan West

St. Louis, MO

Rachael Fischer-Lyons (Alumni)

Next Destination Marketing
Watertown, MA

Rick Schwartz (Alumni)

BGRS (Retired)
West Simsbury, CT

Jennifer Breen (Alumni)

Suite Home Chicago
Chicago, IL

Patrick Keery (Alumni)

Altair Global
Bethel, CT

Bryan Rivers (Alumni)

First Tech Federal Credit Union
Rocklin, CA

Ryan Kuhn (Alumni)

Boise, ID